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AWS Cloud Configuration and Management

FidelTech is one of the leading AWS Cloud Management companies in India. We have a team of qualified AWS professionals and the necessary technological resources to offer managed services for AWS. We work as the AWS Cloud Management outsourcing partners for our clients and help them optimize the advantages of AWS Cloud Hosting through a comprehensive framework of AWS managed services.

Challenges in AWS Cloud Management

  1. AWS Skill Set: AWS is an incredible Cloud resource. But, it demands comprehensive learning as well. So, you either have to invest in training your existing resources or hire trained ones. Both the alternatives have their challenges and costs, let alone managing AWS smoothly.

  2. Technical Support Costs: Amazon’s technical support is prompt and proficient enough. But, its AWS support fee varies on your monthly use. So, an increment in the use may increase the support costs. These costs may prove overwhelming if you are tight on the budget.

  3. Uptime and Performance: Uptime and performance play a pivotal role in retaining users and further converting them into sales. Both these factors running in negative may affect your bottom lines. Besides, you may not only lose customers but also suffer on the SEO and brand reputation front.

  4. Control over Sensitive Data: Storing data on external environments may pose a risk. Amazon offers a range of successful use cases in this regard. But, transferring critical data to the public cloud demands approvals, and involves dealing with a plethora of rules and regulations.

  5. Data Security and Data Protection: Managing data security while deploying a cloud environment is a difficult task. Further, as you continue to adopt cloud resources, you also increase the risks of data breaches. Besides, in the absence of experts, government rules, and regulations on data security and protection may make AWS management even more challenging and complex.

Benefits of Outsourcing AWS Cloud Management

  1. Scaling Flexibility: Working with an AWS managed service provider gives you the scaling and operational flexibility you require. You get the choice to choose the services or features you want, rather than accepting the whole set, even if you don’t need some.

  2. Cost and Time Savings: AWS managed services providers have AWS experts, well-equipped with the resources and the know-how to optimize AWS benefits. They can also figure out your AWS needs and advise you on the services and features you need. So, you pay only for what you want and save time and money required in recruiting AWS experts or training the existing ones.

  3. Robust Network Infrastructure: AWS outsourcing service providers have a robust network infrastructure with a 24/7 management system. Based on your service agreement, your provider can monitor and scan the network for patch requirements security and other related factors.

  4. Faster Issue Response Times: Your provider can offer you better control over performance, service levels, and maintenance. A comprehensive SLA helps you achieve continuity. It improves your provider’s familiarity with your network and accelerates issue response times.

  5. Focus on the Core Business: Hiring an AWS managed service provider to outsource AWS cloud management leaves you with more time to focus on your core business. The provider takes care of your network based on the SLAs. So, you don’t have to combat routine operational concerns.

Your Remote Support Team for AWS Management

FidelTech’s is the best AWS cloud outsourcing service provider. We accelerate and simplify cloud adoption by helping you architect, deploy, maintain, and automate solutions operating on the AWS infrastructure. Our AWS services include the following.

  • Pre-configured monitoring tool
  • Patching OS based on compliance needs
  • Investigation of issues
  • Automated setup and maintenance custom retention periods and snapshots
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Rapid service recovery
  • Custom configuration management system

10 Reasons to choose FidelTech as your Remote Support Team for AWS cloud management

  1. Comprehensive AWS service package.
  2. Secure, robust, and optimized solutions to help you achieve AWS flexibility and scalability.
  3. Pro-active, and 24/7 AWS management services.
  4. Stable, secure, and optimized AWS environment at all times.
  5. Team of AWS cloud engineers to handle your cloud infrastructure.
  6. Eliminate the need to hire AWS technical experts or train the existing ones.
  7. IT-related costs savings, and optimization of AWS benefits.
  8. Data protection compliance and complete data security at all times.
  9. Data remain secure in a safe environment that’s under constant monitoring.
  10. Our AWS managed services are SOC 1, SOC 2, HITRUST, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA certified.

Our unmatched AWS capabilities, certified and comprehensive AWS services, and above all, the assurance of results, make us the best outsourcing company for AWS managed services. If you are someone looking forward to outsourcing AWS managed services of your company or that of your clients, connect with FidelTech at 03-6261-3309 or Mail to

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