Product Development as a Service – Choosing Your PDaaS Partner in Japan

Often, a lot of companies envisage software with a particular set of competencies but end up getting a misaligned product that is far different from their expectations and lacks the necessary set of features and functionalities. As a result, the investments go in vain.

PDaaS serves as a solution to deal with such critical failures that cause companies to lose money for practically reaping nothing. It is an easily scalable development service that involves the collaborative power of the necessary resources, and best software development practices. PDaaS simplifies the software development journey, as it involves everything from ideation, deployment to user adoption.

PDaaS requires a range of resources and services to ensure an efficient product development process. It demands an agile service delivery proposition that scales with the growth of the product and is cost-effective compared to conventional outsourcing and staffing solutions.

Further, PDaaS demands to employ enterprise-level product developers and the appropriate placement of other resources to build, deploy, and iterate projects at a rapid pace. Developing such a widespread and complex infrastructure in-house requires time, a lot of financial investment, and, above all, a team of professionals who develops the needed setup and gets the PDaaS thing going.
However, when you’ve got companies offering PDaaS, you don’t have to live with software development challenges, or unnecessarily hassle yourself in developing an inhouse PDaaS setup.

Working with an external PDaaS team proves a smart enough solution given the dynamic and highly competitive situation out there. It helps you gain access to the best resources and leverage the benefits of PDaaS to ensure you reap value from your investment.
But then, out of the myriad choices available in the Japanese market, how do you choose the best PDaaS partner in Japan? Here are six considerations that will help you make the best choice.

6 Factors to Consider while Choosing a PDaaS Partner in Japan

Choosing a PDaaS partner involves considering a few factors that help you determine the usefulness of a particular PDaaS provider. The considerations range from the team size and diversity of resources to evaluating vital elements such as PDaaS engagements, the reputation of the provider, security, etc. So, it is about making the right choice by assessing the vendor on the necessary parameters.

1. PDaaS Team

PDaaS requires a full-fledged team of IT professionals. Ideally, the team must comprise a product manager, project managers, business analysts, system analysts, application developers, content analysts, system engineers, quality analysts, security analysts, and application performance analysts.

The vendor you’ve shortlisted must offer a full team of PDaaS experts to ensure efficiency across every aspect of software product development, right from development of the concept, the actual development process, product testing, quality assurance, and the effectiveness of the application.

2. PDaaS Engagements

PDaaS engagements comprise a predictable, and manageable pricing single development units. For instance, every unit is 30-day long and shall consist of two product releases every month. However, if you want the project to run at an even higher speed, you can buy additional units, and subsequently, increase the number of releases. Besides, PDaaS engagements offer measurable product development, oversight, predictability, and quick results to all the stakeholders involved in the project.

3. Security

Security is one aspect that you cannot forget while dealing with software development. Your prospective PDaaS providers must ensure the highest security levels of the products they provide. Some of the critical concerns in this aspect include the vendor’s security systems, procedures, access controls, and permissions based on your organization’s security policies.

4. Provider’s Experience as a PDaaS Provider

PDaaS is a specialized area of service. Hence, you cannot simply make a random choice, considering only cost, service range, or reputation in mind. An ideal choice constitutes a careful consideration of all these factors to ensure you get the best and the most experienced PDaaS provider for your project.

Check the provider’s relevant experience, especially if the company’s got one in your kind of projects. Confirming that the provider has gained relevant experience, in a way, guarantees solutions to all the problems that the developers may encounter during the project, and on-time project completion.

5. Range of PDaaS Services and PDaaS Process

Some of the highlights of PDaaS services include product development and testing, product enhancement and support, and making MVP available in 90 days.
Besides, an ideal process is the one that develops the product through a step-by-step process. It includes identifying the project goals, end-user expectations, ideation (involving developing wireframes and prototypes), designing, validating, and planning for the next iteration.

This four-step process can further be divided into 6 phases, including custom architecture development, feature benchmarking, PoC and prototype development, comprehensive product development, and usability engineering. An additional, and of course, a beneficial feature may include multilingual services to take PDaaS to the next level.

6. Technologies used

The technology stack of the PDaaS provider also matters. Some of the latest languages and tools, include CSS, HTML5, AngularJS, MySQL, NodeJS, iOS, Java, and Android. Besides, the set of tools include JIRA, GIT, and Docker. Ensure that your provider uses the latest technology stack that helps you expedites the development process, get a scalable solution, and optimize efficiency.

Partnering with Fideltech – the PDaaS Provider in Japan

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