Application Maintenance and Support Services – Is it the Best Time to Outsource?

Why Outsourcing Application Maintenance and Support is the Best Option

Business applications are crucial to the extent that they run, drive, and manage a significant part of every business. An extended breakdown or a critical failure may lead to a substantial loss to the enterprise. So, irrespective of whether you are a global player, an SME, or a startup, you must have comprehensive application maintenance and support to ensure optimized application performance.

Ideally, application maintenance and support constitute an essential part of the application development package. It enables companies to avail end-to-end application development without hiring any additional or separate resources for the task. Application development companies facilitate specialized support to keep the application engines running in the desired manner.

However, when the application developer cannot or does not provide application support, companies choose to invest in in-house resources to ensure they get the help they need. In-house application maintenance and support proves useful, but only to a certain extent. It adds to capital costs and administrative expenditures. Besides, scalability also proves challenging.

In some situations, you may have a software development team but may not have support specialists. It is in this and the above case, outsourcing application maintenance and support steps in as a handy and useful alternative.
While insourcing demands direct supervision and dealing with routine operational concerns. Outsourcing, on the other hand, relieves you from all these micro-management tasks. It proves beneficial in various ways that help in regards to scalability, performance, bug fixing, reporting, etc.

So, let us discuss why outsourcing outweighs in-house application maintenance and support in terms of long-running benefits. Also, know why you must partner with Fideltech, one of the leading application maintenance and support service companies in Japan.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Application Maintenance and Support

Here’s why you must outsource application support and maintenance.

1. You Control IT Costs

Over a while, IT has transformed into a significant investment area for every organization. It involves several expenses that collectively add up to the overall operational expenditure. Besides, as application support and maintenance require a considerable amount of infrastructure, managing it all on your own calls for substantial investment across the infrastructural aspect as well.

Outsourcing application support, in this view, saves efforts and money, which you may otherwise incur in building everything from scratch, hiring resources for it, and making logistical arrangements. As every element comes with a cost attached to it, outsourcing, which only requires you to pay the support and maintenance charges, proves a financially viable, smarter, and sustainable alternative.

2. You Enjoy a Wider Range of Application Support and Maintenance Services

Partnering with companies specializing in application support and maintenance helps you get a broad array of support and maintenance services. It includes multiple levels of support, including help desk, L1, and L2 support, and product support administration services such as issue resolution, issue notification, issue investigation, and analysis, issue recording, and logging, infrastructural corrections, release management, and many others.

Leading companies go beyond fixing customer reporting issues, and provide corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, perfective maintenance, and adaptive maintenance. Such an extensive and comprehensive support helps you maintain the application’s health.

3. Outsourced Application Support and Maintenance is Scalable

With business, the operational scope of your application as well grows. You begin needing it more than ever, and which, at the same time, refers to scaling up the support and maintenance aspect.

An increase in the number of features, functionalities, and users may require you to beef up the maintenance and support team. This isn’t necessarily, and easily possible with an in-house unit. You may have to hire new people, and again, invest money and time into it.

The best application maintenance and support outsourcing companies offer scalability of resources. They provide the required number of people within a short time to help you meet your scalability needs. So, although you pay for those extra heads, you still save a lot on recruiting in-house experts and scaling up the infrastructure to meet the latest business needs.

4. You get Exclusive and Specialized Resources.

Your existing IT team may already have a lot on its plate. Asking it to shoulder another critical responsibility may overwhelm it, and affect the IT operations in entirety. Besides, your present team may not possess the expertise and experience that a specialized task like application maintenance and support needs.

Outsourcing service providers facilitate exclusive support specialists with the necessary technical proficiency and skills to resolve complex support concerns. The team ensures optimized application performance through prompt and regular application maintenance, proactive bug fixing, quicker incident response, incident log, reporting, and many others to keep the engine up and running.

The outsourced support team stays abreast of the latest updates and developments. An experienced support unit can come up with recommendations that help you maintain the app’s competence.

5. You use your In-House IT Strength for Other Essential Tasks.

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing application support and maintenance includes relieving existing IT resources of the intricacies of application support. It creates bandwidth for your IT department to complete their tasks with optimum efficiency and enables you to use them across other essential and productive activities aimed at augmenting the department’s efficacy.

Choose Fideltech for Comprehensive Application and Maintenance Support Services in Japan

Fideltech is one of the leading support and maintenance service providers for various types of software applications and various businesses. The company employs support specialists that ensure seamless technical support for optimized application efficiency, competence, and use. Its experience and expertise in the IT services sector make it a global application support and maintenance partner.

Application support and maintenance is a critical area of operation. Trying to manage it through an in-house team adds to the operational burden and recruitment costs. Outsourcing is a tested and proven solution that expedites, simplifies, and enhances support and maintenance operations.

So, connect with Fideltech at  03-6261-3309, or for the best application support and maintenance services in Japan.

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