Benefits of Outsourcing your ServiceNow Administration

Amidst the ever-growing significance of IT management and transformation, ServiceNow simplifies IT and continues to play a critical role in the success of modern-day organizations.

Nevertheless, managing and maintaining ServiceNow demands a considerable amount of time, financial and human resource investment. Although inducing ServiceNow in the IT infrastructure of the company brings some benefits, outsourcing its administration proves even more advantageous in the long run.

This blog highlights some of the benefits of using ServiceNow, and further talks about five advantages of outsourcing ServiceNow administration to specialized resource companies like FidelTech.

5 Advantages of ServiceNow Managed Services

Here’s how you benefit out of ServiceNow application.

1. Get Access to a Fast Serving Platform

ServiceNow places a service-oriented lens on the routine organizational tasks. It expedites operations, improves scalability, and enables a robust platform, along with an exceptional architecture. It helps you work on the rules and build the forms quickly.

Besides, you complete almost 3/4th of your work soon after its installation. Its open architecture, on the other hand, helps you plug it into many different services and processes, otherwise unrepresented.

2. Leverage the Benefits of a Powerful Platform

ServiceNow boasts about a robust design. It helps enterprise service domains define various services, facilitate an intuitive service experience, guarantee service availability, provide services, and analyze crucial service metrics. The availability of multiple tools accelerates, simplifies, and improves the functioning of a lot of concerned business verticals.

Some of these tools include Field Service Management, HR Service Management, Application Development, IT Service Management, and Security Operations.

3. Work on an Omnipresent Platform

ServiceNow is a Cloud-based PaaS, and hence you can use it across multiple networks anywhere and anytime. While a lot of other Cloud-based services fail to deliver enterprise IT needs, ServiceNow stands strong with its native Cloud design. It helps you handle critical workloads, large transaction volumes, and render seamless organizational support at all times.

4. Consolidate your Processes with ServiceNow

ServiceNow ITSM consolidates processes through the Now platform. You can analyze the utility, validity, and performance of your earlier processes through comprehensive Performance Analytics to obtain the latest and accurate insights. You can also figure out redundant processes, and eliminate them to optimize the productivity of your team, and the company, as a whole.

5. Automate Processes and Promote Uniformity

ServiceNow offers complete operational visibility and helps create personalized reports. A single point of contact promotes uniformity in request submissions, automate workflows, and devise quicker and accurate solutions for operational issues. So, you don’t just satisfy your customers, but also keep your employees happy.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing ServiceNow Administration

Outsourcing customized ServiceNow managed services helps companies achieve a higher RoI (Return on investment), and exercise full control over service delivery and the IT strategy at the organizational level. Here are five benefits encouraging companies to adopt a customized ServiceNow strategy and outsource the administration part for higher returns on investments, better control, and enhanced results.

1. Outsourcing Relieves your Staff out of Routine Operational Tasks

You don’t have to employ a team of professionals exclusively working on ServiceNow administration. Outsourcing ServiceNow administration relieves your resources from the routine administrative tasks and creates the bandwidth to focus on the more productive aspects of the business. Besides, outsourcing optimizes ServiceNow efficiency, and a single contact point simplifies query resolution.

2. Higher Flexibility to Develop and Scale

ServiceNow administration outsourcing model helps you exercise full control over your IT management budget. As you agree to a continuously monitored fixed administration expense, you keep away from the ever-increasing administration costs. Besides, you enjoy the flexibility to upgrade and scale, thus ensuring need-based competence at all times.

3. You get a Customized Administration Solution

Outsourcing ServiceNow administration helps you work out a tailor-made solution, suiting your needs, budget, and the operational volume. The outsourcing company offers services based on your requirements, and whenever you need them. It may also include providing a 24/7 support team. You may even get additional resources whenever you require them, based on your agreement.

4. Continual Service Improvement

Constant service improvement, upgrades, and incorporating updates may not seem feasible while self-managing ServiceNow, regardless of whether you do it for your company or your client. You need specialized ServiceNow administrators to ensure continual service enhancements. All these factors help in improving ServiceNow efficiency and help you achieve a higher RoI (Return on investment).

5. A Complete Control over ServiceNow Platform

Outsourcing doesn’t refer to a loss of operational control. It helps you have an even higher degree of control of the platform. The outsourcing company designates a project manager or service manager for your project. The project manager ensures SLA-based performance levels, analyzes trends, suggests improvements, and informs you about any upcoming issues, along with the possible solutions.

FidelTech – A Complete ServiceNow Outsourcing Solution

FidelTech possesses proven expertise in ServiceNow administration, and its experience of working with a diverse range of industries makes it an apt choice in this area. Fidel offers onsite as well as offsite ServiceNow administration services.

The company nurtures multiple teams handling outsourced ServiceNow operations. The teams work tirelessly towards offering clients complete flexibility, control, and a higher value for investment. Fidel’s clients enjoy the scalability and the highest ServiceNow efficiency at all times.

If you are looking forward to outsourcing ServiceNow administration for your company or that of your client’s, talk to FidelTech’s experts, and get a fully customized, value-based ServiceNow solution. Connect with FidelTech at +91-20-49007800 or email to

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