ServiceNow: How to Overcome Challenges in Change Management

how to overcome the challenges in change management with servicenow

Change management involves revamping IT processes, along with complete, partial or minute changes to the IT infrastructure, or any of its components. Change management is done with some clear objectives that mostly refer to cost reduction, enhanced user experience, automation, or inducing some new features to the existing infrastructure. It is often perceived to be one of the most challenging functions within the IT vertical, owing to the involvement of a number of challenging and intricate tasks, and the cost, time and resources involved in accomplishing the change. So, through this blog, we intend to highlight some of the most common challenges encountered in change management, and how does ServiceNow help overcome the challenges faced in it.

Challenges in Change Management

Although complicated and diverse in nature, change management, if conducted in an organized manner, and with the right technological platform at disposal, it could be a blissful experience for both, the users as well as administrators. But, as with every change process, there are some challenges with change management as well. One may not term these as challenges, as perhaps, more than challenges these appear to be shortcomings on the business owner’s end. But, with some shortcomings in the infrastructure itself, the following could also constitute as challenges.


Apparently, this seems to be a visible aspect, but in reality, it isn’t. For several organizations that otherwise plan for an absolutely flawless change management process including prioritizing tasks and preparing a realistic schedule, traceability either doesn’t occur to them or remains infeasible on account of technical or operational limitations. Irrespective of how big or small the change is, the completion and execution of the change aren’t communicated to everyone that is involved in the loop. This indicates that the organization isn’t keeping track of the changes executed, which therefore refers to an absence of a historical record of the changes that have taken place within a particular system.

Reviewing the Current Change Process

This challenge isn’t completely technical as it involves the administrator’s understanding of the current change process, and its impact on the end users. Besides, it also comprises of the change that is supposed to be executed and defining its degree, whether standard, emergency or normal. Inappropriate tagging could lead to disruption in the business routines, and also there would be no priority defining mechanism.

Comprehending the Change Process

Regardless of whether the change is small or large, it is imperative that everyone affected by the change must be aware and in an understanding of the change to be executed. Besides, it is important that everyone, right from the helpdesk to the IT director, is on the same page when it comes to perceptions about the change, and also understands its impact on everyone involved.

Overcoming Change Management Challenges with ServiceNow

As one of the leading IT infrastructure management services providers, ServiceNow offers multiple benefits within its change management proposition. It helps integrate change processes across the IT department with a single, traceable and auditory repository of all the pre-planned IT changes. In addition, it helps quickly set up and deploy change management with comprehensive and absolutely unique embedded ITIL proven practices. ServiceNow change management also helps improve service relationships along with predictable timeframes, release cycles and prescriptive changes to the system.

In view of the aforesaid concerns, FidelTech can help you trace all the changes happening within the system, thus facilitating a historical view for better future-based change management. In addition, it also consults and helps IT administrators review the current change process, along with helping everyone involved across the hierarchy to understand and perceive the change in a uniform manner. For more information on FidelTech’s ServiceNow proposition that includes ITSM, orchestration, content management, performance analytics, custom integration, etc. connect with FidelTech at +91-20-66463200.

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