Challenges in Hiring Bilingual Professionals for ServiceNow Support

Challenges in Hiring Bilingual Professionals for ServiceNow Support

Hiring a ServiceNow support professional isn’t as challenging, as hiring a bilingual one with the same skill set is.

Your resource may be technically proficient. But, how do you deal with a client requirement that demands on-site support in a foreign, and precisely a non-English speaking country?

Of course, we’ve answered this question towards the end of this blog.

However, before jumping to the answer, take a look at some of the challenges you may encounter while hiring bilingual professionals for ServiceNow support if you haven’t employed one already.

5 Challenges Companies Face while hiring Bilingual ServiceNow Support Professionals

1. Availability

It’s quite challenging to find such a combination. For instance, a resource with ServiceNow proficiency, along with Japanese language expertise is quite a rare combination.

Similarly, finding a ServiceNow expert with German, French, Spanish, or Thai language skills for that matter too is quite a serious challenge!

You’ll have to be lucky enough to get one, with all the extra-curricular skills you’ve been looking for – especially if you are battling out the requirement on your own.

2. Training Time

So, let’s say you hire a ServiceNow resource. But, you’ve still got to fulfill the linguistic requirement. You can’t ask the client to hire a translator for the job, can you?

The project start time, on the other hand, is another confrontation!

So, what do you do? You don’t have any other option, but to train the resource.

But then, it takes at least three months for a resource to train on a foreign language (you’ll also have to battle with his linguistic skills!).

And, after doing so, he or she’ll only be able to deal with the basics of the language.

What next? Native proficiency!

3. Native Proficiency

Sounding native takes even longer. The resource isn’t at fault here. But then, native proficiency is something that only builds with time.

So, the more the resource stays on-site, the better local language speaker he’d turn out to be!

You must ask yourself, whether you really have that kind of time!

4. Resource Cost

Bilingual ServiceNow resources are specialists, and because they are rare to find, they’d demand a higher salary as compared to the regular English-speaking ServiceNow support professionals.

The cost may not pose a problem for you if the client is going to pay for it.

But, if you are going to pay it from your pocket, you’ll have to ensure you’ve got that kind of a resource budget. If you don’t have it, you’ll have a situation to deal with!

5. Blending with Local Culture

Again, time is the deciding factor here. You can’t expect your resource to gel with the local culture right from day one. So, initially, he’d face challenges while talking and dealing with the native people.

Here, the solution is to acquaint the person with the local culture as much as possible, as once on-site, you have very little control over how well he deals with the local culture.

FidelTech – The Place for Bilingual ServiceNow Support Professionals

FidelTech is one of the leading language service providers around the globe. However, the company also deals in handling offsite and onsite ServiceNow support projects for various multinational enterprises.

FidelTech employs a pool of bilingual ServiceNow support specialists. The bilingual expertise includes languages such as Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Malay, Thai, Chinese, Arabic, and many others. Besides, the professionals are proficient at several Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, and many others.

So, if you’ve got a client from a non-Hindi and non-English speaking state, Fidel covers you with both – ServiceNow support expertise as well as the language one.


Out there, it’s a struggle finding a bilingual ServiceNow support professional! Why go through all those hassles, when you’ve got ready resources available at FidelTech?

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