Challenges in Hiring L1 L2 Support – Time to Outsource IT Help Desk Support

Challenges in Hiring L1 L2 Support, Fidel

Challenges in Hiring L1 L2 Support – Time to Outsource IT Help Desk Support

Companies, as we all know, classify IT help desk support into four categories, namely, L1, L2, L3, and L4. Each of these categories represents different levels of technical complexities.

Categorizing help desk support helps increase departmental efficacy, reduce query resolution time, and enables companies to make appropriate and relevant use of the help desk expertise.

L1, for instance, comprises resolving fundamental customer issues. L2, on the other hand, involves in-depth technical support. L3 constitutes technical problems relating to products and services, and L4 points at concerns that the organization’s internal help desk team cannot resolve.

As help desk support directly relates to user problems, customer queries associated with the use of the company’s technological products and systems, the choice of technical specialists is crucial.

Speaking of L1 and L2, hiring support staff for both these levels is more challenging than you expect. Right from floating out the requirement of getting perfect candidates for the critical job, employers encounter a plethora of challenges.

This blog discusses the challenges involved in hiring L1 and L2 support staff. Further, as a solution to overcome them, it also talks about the benefits of outsourcing IT help desk support and introduces you to one of the leading IT support companies in Japan.

5 L1 L2 Support Hiring Challenges

Here are five common challenges that employers face while recruiting L1 and L2 support specialists for the IT support help desk.

1. Floating out the Hiring Requirement and Mobilizing Resources

The first challenge while recruiting tech support staff is partnering with the right recruitment agencies and floating out your requirement. With so many options available, selecting the appropriate hiring partner may prove challenging, and time-consuming.

Besides, finding a company that understands your recruitment needs and an extensive recruitment network to help you get the right people onboard constitutes another challenge.

2. High Hiring Costs

Hiring comes with a cost. Given that your HR doesn’t have the bandwidth and time to step out searching for candidates, and hiring them, you choose to work with an agency that may charge you a high hiring fee. But expenses don’t stop here are limited to recruiter fee.

Nurturing in-house and permanent resources attracts high salaries, administrative, and employee welfare costs. You have to live with these challenges and high costs should you opt to hire permanent L1 and L2 support staff for the technical support help desk.

3. Limited Technical Expertise and Experience

L1 and L2 support, although they deal with primary customer and user concerns, at times, an unconventional, or an entirely new technical problem may prove a challenge to deal with.

It may happen owing to the lack of technical expertise, inadequate problem-solving approach, or insufficient experience. Here, you’ve got no option but to escalate the matter to either the L3 level or involve an external resource with a higher amount of experience and expertise.

4. Hiring is a Time-Consuming Process

Hiring takes time. You may see a crowd of job-seeking candidates outside your gate after posting a requirement. However, screening them, interviewing them, conducting multiple interview rounds, and then shortlisting them requires time, and a lot of hiring expertise, along with the hiring acumen. It proves challenging, mainly when you recruit for a project and don’t have enough time on hand.

5. Determining the Reliability and Credibility of the Selected Candidates

This one is a critical concern. The efficiency of your help desk support determines your company’s approach and the willingness to help your customers and users. Besides, help desk delays and inaccuracies may extend system downtime, and hamper production, thereby affecting your business.

So, considering the criticality of the help desk system in every organization, you need responsible, reliable, and credible people that come with proven expertise, experience, excellent past feedback, and the necessary qualifications to help you keep up with the expected service levels, and reputation.

Why must you Outsource L1 L2 IT Help Desk Support?

Outsourcing forms a solution to all the above concerns. Here are six benefits of outsourcing IT help desk support. These are long term benefits that help you save help desk hiring costs, and open access to a broader scope of expertise, along with saving time in hiring resources.

1. Outsourcing Saves Hiring Cost
First and foremost, not going through the hassles of hiring and paying hiring fees to recruitment agencies is a huge relief. While outsourcing the IT help desk, you only have to pay the outsourcing fee to the provider. It saves hiring, employee welfare costs, salaries, and many other administrative costs associated with employing permanent candidates.

2. Outsourcing is Time-Effective
Often, IT support companies already have people handling the L1 and L2 support of many companies. So, you don’t have to search for resources, unless your requirement is unique. You enjoy ready support and infrastructure without having to invest in it, except for paying the outsourcing cost.

3. Access to Extensive Expertise and Experienced Resources
Having your in-house staff handle the IT help desk restricts expertise. As against this, IT support companies have a pool of skilled and extensively experienced people that can handle complex problems with relative ease and promptness. So, you don’t have to worry or live with delayed and inaccurate resolutions while dealing with inadequate proficiency within the area of IT support.

4. Remote IT Help Desk Support Saves Space
Making logistical arrangements is another concern, especially when you need a considerable number of resources to render help desk support. However, while outsourcing, and when you choose to employ a remote team to handle IT desk support, you save onto a lot of office space, and save yourself from the hassles of making logistical arrangements, and investments for the help desk setup.

5. Resource Credibility isn’t Directly your Concern!

Your remote resources work as your extended team, but as they aren’t your employees, their credibility, and other factors such as qualifications, etc. remain the outsourcing company’s concern. So, what matters to you is the service you get from the company, and customer, and user feedback.

6. You Enjoy 24/7 Technical Support

Round the clock, IT help desk support may not be possible or commercially feasible with an in-house team. You need to bear night shift costs, allowances, etc. along with overhead costs to keep the help desk engine running during the night and even when there aren’t many users around.

But, with outsourcing, you get 24/7 technical support should you demand it. The resources ensure round the clock support for your users, and which, in turn, disallows technical problems from hampering your production process. Interestingly, you do all of it without making hardcore infrastructural investments, barring the provider fee.

It is Time to Outsource your IT Help Desk to Fideltech!

Fideltech is one of the leading names across the IT support space. The company has been around in the IT development and support business for over a decade, and continues to work with a range of diverse clientele in Japan, and beyond. Some of the industries with which Fideltech works include automobile, manufacturing, technology, banking, eCommerce, and others.

Fideltech, with its experience, evolved skill-set, and the continual development approach proves a better alternative over most of the IT support companies in Japan. The company employs some of the best IT support specialists that leave no stone unturned while delivering the highest customer service levels and prompt resolutions for L1 and L2 technical concerns.

Partnering with Fideltech for outsourced IT help desk support is a prudent and sustainable decision. It helps you save costs, time and also relieves you from the operational challenges of IT support. Talk to Fideltech’s experts at 03-6261-3309 or write an email to the experts at  to connect with the company’s IT support experts, and project managers.

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