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Customized Report in ServiceNow

Those otherwise productive conferences could turn into a restless scene and rendered objective less if the reports you’ve been presenting aren’t organized, and in the desired format! We can’t really emphasize enough the criticality of information, and the significance of organizing and presenting information in the right reporting format. After all, those formats and reports should make sense and talk business! Although the eventual one, however, this is not the only objective or a reason why organizations must look at opting customized ServiceNow reporting. There are many others, some of which would be highlighted through this blog. Keep reading.

A record, or a report, regardless of its contents, isn’t useful unless and until it is customized in a sensible (or desirable) format or the way the organization wants it to be. Today, the significance of reports isn’t limited to be a consolidated platform of information. In fact, it has graduated to critical areas such as strategy development and macro planning. It is through information received in the customized form that organizations make informed decisions and decide the direction of the enterprise.

However, customization of reports is one common concern that many organizations across the business spectrum face. Some organizations have been observed to be compromising on the customization part. They tend to comprehend and compute information through the available formats and the way it is presented. This could pose an adverse impact in the long run, as not every fragment of information, assumed to be correct, must have been computed in the right manner. The consequence – incorrect decisions! So, why do organizations require customized ServiceNow reports, and how would customization help organizations in the long run? Let us find out the answers.

The Need for Custom ServiceNow Reports


Varying Needs of Teams

While a particular set of metrics may be useful for the HR vertical, the other may be useful for the number guys, the sales people! It is the same report, but the perspectives, the information to be fetched and the comprehension could be different. Here, the point is to make the report customizable to extent that it represents information for every concerned vertical, and this is where customization plays an important role. It personifies the way information is seen and understood, to mold in the preferred and approved form. Besides, customization also helps to include and exclude information based on the utility of the record.

Prioritizing Information

Business is also about setting and executing priorities. Customization helps drill down within the reports and helps organizations sort, filter and view the report based on the priority levels. So for instance, while looking at the escalations report, the head honchos may want to look at the most critical (or high priority) escalations in the first place, followed by the lesser critical ones.

Customizing Charts

Charts simplify and present the information in a funneled manner. However, customization further simplifies chart reading, by helping the presenters fill in colors based on the criticality of the information that the charts are comprised of, and to further streamline the chronology in which the charts would be arranged and presented to the audience.

Multiple Configurations

ServiceNow facilitates configurations in multiple ways. In case of multiple grouping and stacking alternatives, ServiceNow customized reports enables professionals to make adjustments to the chart grouping and stacking, and that too without amending or making changes to the records present in the report. Besides, ServiceNow also facilitates adding reports to forms such as change requests, and configure report visualizations to present only user-relevant information.

A report replete with information, however, not aligned with the information requirements of the organization, isn’t a useful one, no matter what! It is necessary that professionals customize the report before sharing information across different verticals, and for which, ServiceNow customized reports are a smarter choice.

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