E-Mail Campaign using SugarCRM

E-mail campaigns are very effective and economical way of communication. With Email campaigns one can send Business Information, Product Details, Catalogs etc.

Many organizations are having a big list of contacts. To update latest development about organization activities, various methods of communications are used. E-mail campaigns are very effective and economical way of communication.
With Email campaigns one can send
1.  Business Information,
2.  Product Details,
3.  Catalogs,
4.  Discount Schemes,
5.  Special Offers,
6.  News Letters,
7.  Special Promotional Packages,
8.  Buy or Sell offers,
9.  Invitation for Events,
8.  Specially Designed Greeting Cards
11. Personalized e mails
We have tested SugarCRM for Email campaigning and found it very useful. To share our experience with users, we have listed some observations.
1.        You can directly import Excel file (CSV format) of your contacts. The emails should be listed in one column of excel sheet. If required other information like Name, Company Name etc. can also be imported in the SugarCRM.
2.        We have to create user account on SugarCRM (on our local server or our own PC ) and give information about email authentication, like user id and password, STMP server details. It is advisable to send some test mails to make sure your mails are reaching the target.
3.        Schedule the time for sending mails. You can arrange to send mails at pre decided time and date. This feature is very useful. For example you can schedule to send New Year Wishes mails on 31st December at 6.00PM. The mails are sent at that time even if you are not present.
4.        In some cases you have to set mailing speed. Like you can set 2 mails per minute. Sending more mails at once create Spamming issues.
5.        Now fill email details like Subject, Text and Press send button.
6.        You can see SugarCRM giving you reports about How many mails sent, failed and bounced.
We sent a trial list of 2000 E-mails at one go and got success.
If you need assistance for setting your mail campaigns visit our page Fidel SugarCRM or our site FidelCRM. We are also available at fidelcrm@fidelcrm.com

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