Finding a Virtual Support for ServiceNow Management

Finding virtual support for ServiceNow management can be quite daunting, as there aren’t many out there. And, even if you get one, you have to evaluate the service provider on various parameters, including competence, the range of services, and the subsequent benefits.

If you are searching for virtual ServiceNow management support for your clients, or your company, you’ve come to the right place! FidelTech, one of the best virtual ServiceNow support agents, explains some critical aspects such as the concept of ITSM virtual agent, services you may expect, and the advantages of choosing a comprehensive ServiceNow virtual partner for your IT support needs.

Towards the end of this blog, you’ll find yourself in a better position to choose a virtual ServiceNow support service provider, and also know why you must select Fidel to manage it for you.

The Concept of ServiceNow ITSM Virtual Support

Often, it is the minor, regular, and less complicated tasks that overwhelm IT-support agents. These simple issues guzzle up a lot of their time and energy. As a result, they have very little or no time to focus on the more complex, challenging, and critical user demands and requests.

ServiceNow Virtual Support or Virtual Agent plays a crucial role in relieving specialists out of the routine concerns. It supports and scales your IT infrastructure by deploying a virtual agent to look after routine, common, and more repetitive requests and IT incidents. Thus, your agents get more time to think and resolve the more complicate user requests, thereby simultaneously increasing their productivity.

The Criticality of Virtual Support in Modern-Day IT Environment

Employees, especially the ones on production mode, need quick responses and resolutions. Manual IT support operations consume a lot of the agents as well as the employee’s time, resulting in production delays, increased downtime, and dissatisfied customers.

ITSM Virtual Support, however, augments the employee experience through prompt acknowledgment and response to IT concerns. Users can interact with the Virtual Support agent and switch to a live IT support specialist, as and when they need it.

The base system application comprises of various pre-defined ITSM Virtual Agent topic interactions, including the most common ones and simplest of all. These interactions aim at resolving the user’s concerns. The information exchange happening between both the parties during such conversations proves helpful for Virtual Support to solve an IT-related problem, or accomplish a particular task.

The Role of Natural Language Understanding in ServiceNow Virtual Support

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) helps Virtual Support understand the meaning of several words for a technically and contextually accurate response.

Users can decide whether they want the support mechanism to use only keywords for a short-term quicker time-to-value, or use NLU to enhance user experience in the long run.

Enabling NLU on ITSM Virtual Agent Application and republishing your existing interactions with helps you optimize the user experience on NLU.

Services you can expect through ServiceNow Management Virtual Support

Choosing a service provider offering ServiceNow Management Virtual Support services must facilitate you all of the following critical services.

General Support and Administration Services

  • Group Administration
  • User Administration
  • Access Control List (ACL) setup
  • LDAP/SSO Integration
  • Role Administration
  • Configuration Item Updates – Manual

Application Maintenance and Support

  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Incident Management
  • Self-Service Portal Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Events and Notifications Management
  • Service Catalog and Service Request Management
  • Service Level Management

Besides, you may also expect a lot of other value-added services such as UI customization, workflow management, application request/ change/ enhancements, unit testing services, updating set management/ promotion, and others based on your needs.

Ideally, you must choose a service provider offering you customized services, as that will help you maintain flexibility and scale up your support infrastructure anytime.

Besides, the provider must enable accessible omnichannel IT-support interactions. He must help you manage integrated field service incident problems, change, and management through a single point of contact. The development of self-service catalogs, on the other hand, will help you reduce the workload that repetitive, regular tasks generate.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Support for ServiceNow Management

Here are some of the most surefire benefits of hiring Virtual Support for ServiceNow.

  • Quick problem resolution
  • Automated Root Cause Identification and resolution
  • Augmented customer experience through smart case management
  • Customer query resolution, well-before it transforms in an escalation
  • Win over internal service team gaps through live collaboration.
  • Enhance your brand image. Deliver satisfied customers and happy employees!

Often, your internal systems and approach determine your customer retention rate. Choosing ServiceNow Virtual Support to manage your IT-related requests, incidents, and avoid repeat incidents is a sure-shot way of quick query resolution, and retaining your valuable customers.

FidelTech – One of the Best Virtual Support Agents for ServiceNow Management

FidelTech employs the latest ServiceNow Virtual Support infrastructure, along with ServiceNow experts, to offer a comprehensive range of ServiceNow virtual services.

The company continues to work with some of the biggest names in the market as its preferred ServiceNow virtual service provider. FidelTech customizes Virtual Support services, thus ensuring a value-based service proposal, and help its clients achieve the desired levels of IT support excellence.


ITSM is a complex web of incidents and challenges. Sticking to the conventional IT support practices and strategies may hamper productivity and cost you your clients in the future. Choosing Fidel’s Virtual Support to enhance and expedite your IT support workflows will help you stay competitive. It will also prepare you for the bigger and more complex set of challenges, along with their solutions.

So, connect with Fidel for ServiceNow Virtual Support services, and take your first step towards a healthy IT environment, happy employees, and satisfied customers.

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