How to send HTML mails using Outlook 2007

HTML mailers are mostly used by marketing department or for sending newsletters to subscribers. Microsoft Office’s Outlook is the most popular mailing client and used extensively for sending HTML mails. This blog gives detail step by step procedure to send HTML mails using Outlook 2007.
Advantages of using HTML mails are

  • No need to send attachments
  • Chances of reading mails increase
  • Use of fonts and color for text
  • Images can be embedded with proper size and position
  • Links can be added with text

The mails normally contain following :

  1. Formatted text with colors and fonts
  2. Background colors or Images
  3. Images
  4. Links

Procedure to Prepare HTML mails :

  1. Make a separate folder for all contents of mail, e.g. “D://htmlmailer” on your local hard drive
  2. Copy Images you are going to use in this folder.
  3. Using  MS Frontpage or Dreamweaver software, create a new HTML file. For this example I used Dreamweaver for designing mail. Save this file as “newsletter1.html” in folder  “D://htmlmailer”
  4. Use DIV or Tables to fix size of webpage. Here tables are used for simplicity. For drawing table go to “insert –> Draw Layout Table –> Draw table by
  5. If you are not very comfortable with CSS don’t use it. Instead, use tables to fix size of webpage. In this example I used Width : 600 px and Height : 800 px for main Table.
  6. Draw internal tables and layout cells to place images and text.
  7. Format color and font of text.
  8. Once you finish with design, copy the entire folder on your web server. Now your images are available at “” (example)
  9. Come back to your HTML file. Click on “image1.jpg”.  In coding window you can see the path of image as “D://htmlmailer/image1.jpg”. Replace this path with “”. This is absolute path of image.
  10. Follow above procedure for each image. If you are using CSS file change its path to absolute path as shown in step 9.
  11. Save HTML file.

Procedure to Send HTML mails :

  1. Open Outlook 2007
  2. Go to “Tools –> Options –> Mail Format” –> check outgoing mail format is set as HTML.
  3. Compose a new mail.
  4. Write name of recipient and Subject
  5. Click in the message window.
  6. Now click on attach file. Browse the folders to select file “newsletter1.html”. DO NOT INSERT right now, just make sure the file is selectes with, highlighted in blue.
  7. Now come down to “Insert” button. You can notice a small arrow next to text, on this button.
  8. Click on the arrow, a dropdown will appear. Select “Insert as Text”. Now you can see the mail message window with text. Don’t worry, when recipient will receive mail, the images will be inserted directly from your server.Pls remember, if you click on “Insert” button directly, the file will be sent as an attachment.
  9. Send the mail.
  10. For trial send mail to yourself and check.

With this procedure you should be able to send HTML mails without any problem. In case you need any help, feel free to contact Fidel.

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