Finding the Best Language Translation Services

Language Translation Services

Finding the Best Professional Language Translation Services

Searching for everything on the internet has become a routine for us, but assessing a vendor or a consultant offering vital services could be quite a challenge, given the number of parameters involved in it. Similarly, searching for the best professional translation services providers apparently seems a challenge, however, not with these handy-dandy tips that would help you establish the parameters, and a careful assessment thereafter would determine whether a particular vendor qualifies for your project.

The Evolution of Modern Day Translations

The need for professional language translations could be well understood when one comprehends the evolution of modern day translations. Translations, in the modern context need more localized content, rather than the one understood by the global audience. This holds true at least in the context of internet that has emerged as a relatively new platform in addition to the already existent print media.

For instance, around a couple of decades ago, when the internet was an emerging concept on the global front, especially within the underdeveloped and developing countries, a completely English website, or at the most translating the entire website in a few widely spoken languages of the world used to work well. Rather, it was perceived to be sufficient, as globalization was on the rise, and most of the companies focused on winning the global buyer, as against the local, which is the case today.

Returning to the present, if you intend to translate a particular webpage or a report prevalent on your website in a particular market of operations, you cannot really limit your translation to English or the national language of the country. In fact, you will have to translate it to the local language (perhaps, if possible, the local dialect!) so that it connects to the core consumer, and the product or the interface appears native.

The Impact of Automated Translation and Using Automated Translation Wisely

Automated or mechanical translation is an important aspect of the world of translations. Back then, when the concept of automated translation was newly introduced to the virtual world, it had become an instant hit owing to the quick and near to accurate translations. It ruled the world for quite some time, until people started to realize that automated translations are good, but not the best. As, perhaps, they aren’t serving the purpose of the need for localized translations, in turn, caused due to the shift in focus from being global to turning local. Hence, automated translations must be used wisely, and with the significance of localized translations in mind. Human translations still seem to go a long way, and hence it is necessary that the companies resort to professional translation services in the pursuit of establishing local credibility and market expansion.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Translation Services

Assessing the translating team, its translation capabilities, along with a support system are some of the impacting factors while choosing the best professional translation services.

  1. The Type of Translations Services: Expertize into a specific area, is of course, great. However, that could hamper translations beyond the area of expertise, thus leaving you with no option but to look for another vendor. Hence, the wider the range of translation services provided, the better it is. An agency going beyond fundamental translations, and offering services such as multimedia translations, desktop publishing, language-based SEO, software localization, reports, translating menus, and handling various tasks including formatting, typesetting, etc. is always a better choice over its basic counterparts. Additionally, a vendor offering legal translations could be an added advantage.
  2. Quality, Pace, and Translation Package: Quality is paramount when it comes to finding the best professional translation services. A vendor that understands your objectives and relates to your market expansion endeavors, thus offering top-quality and relevant translations must form your choice. Other factors including the pace of delivery of the content and the capabilities to accommodate last-minute changes and requests must also be carefully assessed before signing the document. Needless to emphasize the importance of negotiating the price. Nevertheless, low prices mustn’t kill quality or the range of services!
  3. Accreditation and Translator’s Qualification: The absence of an international or national governing body makes it more challenging to assess the accreditation part. However, certifications including ISO 9001: 2008 and EN15038 would determine the credibility of the translator. Besides, it is imperative that you gauge the translator’s professional experience, technical capabilities, and command over the required language before making it official.
  4. Technology Support: Besides single-window contact support (that almost every translator would offer today), it is necessary that your service provider assigns a project manager that would take care of the administrative as well as technical aspect of the project. Next is translation memory technology, which is a time and cost-saving database that computes repetitive phrases and expedites translations. However, technology shouldn’t completely replace human translators, as it is only an augmenting support.


FidelTech – Your Professional Localization Company

Translation is a subset of localization. As modern-age organizations, translation alone would not let you through with intended market, but localization. With FidelTech’s capabilities, localization doesn’t remain a challenge! It employs the latest and the most appropriate technologies to better localization solutions. With a large client base globally, FidelTech has gained extensive experience in the field of localization for websites, website menus, reports, documents, and many others. Although the principal customer base is that of banks and financial institutions, FidelTech is capable of offering localization services to other business domains as well.

Localization is an important aspect that could decide the fate of your market expansion plans to a large extent. A well-localized website, for instance, could help the targeted audience understand the product in a better manner, thus, in turn, proving beneficial for the business. FidelTech is the right partner that offers every translation based service under one roof. For additional information, get in touch with FidelTech at

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