Learning Hindi using iPhone

Hindi is second largest spoken language of the world with estimated 422 millions of native speakers. To effectively communicate in Hindi, Fidel launched an easy learning iPhone App

Hindi is second largest spoken language of the world with estimated 422 millions of native speakers. It is official language of India. Being widely spoken and understood throughout India and many parts of Indian subcontinent, Hindi understanding is essential for interaction in these regions. Fidel launched an easy Hindi learning iPhone App, to learn basic Hindi and effectively communicate in Hindi  ( Download ).


Learn Hindi App on iPhone

Why to learn Hindi?

Hindi, as a language is having more than 1000 years old history. It originated from Sanskrit and has been influenced by Urdu, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Portuguese and English during its evolvement. Hindi literature consisting of epics, novels, fiction, poetry and prose gives it a rich variety of contents. Increasing number of Magazines and Newspapers are available in Hindi.
In recent times, the Hindi Audio/Visual Media is creating a significant impact on the world. Television news channels, soaps, comedy and serials along with Bollywood movies are very popular.
Hindi songs from Bollywood are becoming increasingly popular even with non Hindi population. “Jay Ho …” song from “Slumdog Millionaire” got Oscar Award for Best Original Song.
A Video on YouTube for “Jai Ho..” song :

The reasons to learn Hindi :

  • Communicate with second largest linguist population
  • Understand Indian Tradition and Culture
  • Effective conversation with masses
  • Firsthand information exchange
  • True experience of emotions
  • Helps traveler in Indian Subcontinent
  • Studying Hindi Literature
  • Marketing products in India
  • Sourcing products / services from India
  • Enjoying Hindi Movies and Songs

Using iPhone for Learning Hindi!

Any language is essentially a mode of communication. We learn language to speak, listen, read and write or, in short, communicate with the world. Learning a new language is a fun and may offer lot of advantages.
iPhoen can play very useful role for learning a new language. Particularly when we are not in direct contact with native speakers. iPhone has many essential inbuilt facilities for learning. You can listen, see, speak, record, and store using iPhone. It allows real time interaction also.
Another advantage is ease of learning. As you normally carry your iPhone  everywhere, the learning process can start anywhere, anytime. No restrictions of time, place and money. Everything is in your pocket.
iPhone application can act as your real time dictionary. Anytime you want to speak, understand or read some Hindi word or sentence, this app can help you out. The app includes most used words for reference.
With keeping all the iPhone capabilities in mind we recommend this application for learning Hindi.

What this App offers for learning Hindi ?

Screenshot of Learn Hindi App

Screenshot of Learn Hindi App

Here are some exciting features :

  • Teaches Hindi using English as media
  • Suitable for beginners, starts from scratch
  • Teaches  you the basic Hindi
  • Developed by native Hindi speaker
  • Pictorial representation for easy understanding
  • Introduction to Hindi ( Devnagari ) alphabets
  • Learn and pronounce Hindi words and sentences
  • Basic greetings
  • Hindi Numbers, Days, Months, Colors etc.
  • Conversation chapters
  • Some popular Bollywood dialogs for entertainment
  • Game for testing your knowledge

To download the iPhone Apps from iTunes click on link or copy/paste in your browser :

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