MCF Plugin for Data Download

Introduction of Sterling MCF (Yantra) :

Sterling Multi-Channel Fulfillment solution (earlier known as YANTRA), an AT&T product, is one of the most familiar products in the ERP and Supply Chain management domain.
The Sterling Multi-Channel Fulfillment solution provides options for complex fulfillment, reduces costs, and improves business responsiveness. It provides benefit from a single view of demand, inventory and supply across complex, global supply chain networks. A single view, together with flexible process management, gives control over the entire fulfillment lifecycle — from order management, to warehouse operations, to transportation and delivery, to supply management, to returns and settlement. The result is an increase in perfect order performance as it reduces operational costs.
Sterling Multi-Channel Fulfillment includes these integrated solutions:

  • Sterling Order Management – Improve supply chain efficiencies and business responsiveness by orchestrating global order and service fulfillment across extended enterprise.
  • Sterling Supply Chain Visibility – Lower inventory, improve operational efficiencies and responsiveness by summarizing inbound supply information in a usable, understandable, and actionable format.
  • Sterling Transportation Management System – Improve customer service and reduce transportation costs by providing shippers with efficient planning and execution of inbound and outbound processes.
  • Sterling Warehouse Management System – Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction for any warehouse configuration by executing complex processes and optimizing inventory and labor.

Why this Plug-in?

The Sterling MCF (Yantra) currently does not have any functionality where in the user can get the data into Excel. It happens only through API Tester. With this plug-in user can directly get data in Excel file which is easy to read and hence that Excel can be used as a simple report.
Fidel, a leading MCF Yantra  Solutions provider, developed this plug-in. It is available to users of Sterling MCF Yantra.
What this plug-in does?
This Plug-in gives user the facility to download data from Sterling Multi Channel Fulfillment Solution (Yantra) using built in API’s. By using this Plug-in user can easily download data from Sterling Multi Channel Fulfillment Solution (Yantra) into an Excel File.
How it works (procedure)?

Download Plug-in Flowchart

Flowchart to Download Data from MCF using Plugin developed by Fidel

Flowchart to Download Data from MCF using Plugin developed by Fidel

  1. User must input required data in API Name, Column Headers, Input and Output Template fields.
  2. After entering the Data in correct/ required format user must click on Download button
  3. Program takes input and processes it
  4. A pop up opens asking user whether to open the excel file or save it. That’s it Excel file generated.

Benefits of using the plug-in :

  • Easily Configurable.
  • Allows the user to get any field in the Excel that comes in the output of the selected API.
  • Output data in Excel Format which is easy to read and can be used as a simple report.

Prerequisite :

  • Sterling Multi Channel Fulfillment Solution (Yantra) should be Installed.
  • Knowledge of Sterling API’s.
  • Knowledge of Input and Output XML’s.

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