One Month in Japan and One Month After

Exploring new places and cultures is always an enriching experience, especially when it is a nation like Japan – known for its gratitude and integrity. Hence, when I got this golden opportunity to work in Japan for a month, I knew it was going to be memorable experience, and how! Just one month in Japan and back, and I already feel every Indian adult and wannabe adult must live in Japan for at least 3 months.
Here’s why!

Professionalism – It is a great learning experience to work alongside the Japanese. They are focused, punctual, and their quality of doing everything with utmost sincerity is contagious. We learned a lot by simply observing our senior colleagues, and their working style. Even outside the office, each day and every travel was a learning experience. At one point you start feeling that the entire country is a characteristic Japanese train – driven and efficient to the core.

High quality and perfection – The Japanese breathe perfection. To start with, they are always dressed impeccably, and look presentable no matter what their occupation is, no matter what time of the day it is. Even if they want to dress casually or strangely, you can tell that they have gone out of their way to do so. Their obsession with perfection is evident from things as basic as loos.

Calm and mature – Be it any situation or any setting, the Japanese are always calm and mature in their approach. They have a golden virtue of giving importance to the comfort of others over self.

Etiquette – The entire society is like an on-going crash course in etiquette. The way they behave at public places, in the office, is all governed by a deeply ingrained set of etiquette. We even had the opportunity to attend a client meeting and observe Japanese business etiquette first hand.

Hospitality – The significance of selfless hospitality (Omotenashi) in the Japanese culture is well known. Right from the restaurants to cab services to station masters, the Japanese go out of their way to make you comfortable. They truly respect each individual.

These habits start growing into you as you start living among them. You start bowing every other minute. You start using the words Thank You and Sorry with each breath. You start taking yourself and your work seriously. Truly

an enriching experience!

One month in Japan


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