Benefits of Hiring Bilingual ServiceNow Administrators for Japan

Benefits of Hiring Bilingual ServiceNow Administrators for Japan

ServiceNow administration is a specialized area, and hiring a bilingual ServiceNow administrator is an even deeper niche. But, finding a professional, who is an expert at ServiceNow administration as well as the local language of your client, say Japanese, brings several benefits to you as well as your client. So, read through to know the benefits of hiring a bilingual ServiceNow administrator for Japan.

Bilingual Staff Hiring – An Overlooked Strategy in the Age of Localization

Often, when it comes to international projects, companies strive to hire the best resources technically. But, that is such as common strategy. Everyone does it and succeeds to varying extents. So, what is it that differentiates you from your peers? It is hiring bilingual staff!

Unfortunately, that’s a strategy business owners often overlook, despite localization gaining momentum in recent years. Of course, it isn’t that clients don’t require technically proficient resources. But, at the same time, they expect resources well-versed with the local language, and with a reasonable understanding of the local culture.

They may not necessarily put forth such a need (some explicitly specify it though!). But, clients feel happier if they get a resource proficient at ServiceNow support, as well as the Japanese language. Now, that’s just one benefit. There are many others, which we’d be looking at through this blog.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Bilingual ServiceNow Administrator

1. Save Money as well as Translation Time

Japan is home to a large number of English speakers. However, like most of the non-English speaking countries, the Japanese prefer dealing with expatriates interacting in Japanese.

Talking through a translator mediating every message takes time, and dealing with a translator for day-to-day conversation is quite a challenge.

Besides, hiring a translator, just because your resource can’t interact in Japanese incurs you a lot of money, and thus increase the overall project cost. But, hiring a Japanese speaking ServiceNow administrator reduces interaction time, and also saves translation costs for your company. Alongside this, the person can create user manuals in Japan – something the local employees can always refer to!

2. Bilingual Resources offer Better Customer Service

People love when someone listens to their concerns, understands them, and responds to them in their language. Japanese also love it! A Japanese speaking administrator is in a better position to serve customers better than the one who can only speak English. He can understand the concerns quickly, and resolve them promptly, without letting production hamper.

Won’t all of this constitute a better customer service?

3. Bilingual People are Better Multitaskers

Pleasantly surprising, this is, isn’t it? Yes, that’s true.

A study by the National Institute of Health revealed that bilingual people are better at multitasking. So, if you deploy a Japanese speaking ServiceNow administrator, you can expect the person to prove helpful with some other vital business chores as well! The clients may not expect him to multitask. But, doing so can prove an added advantage for the client and enhance your reputation at the client site!

4. You can get more International Clients from the same Region

Word of mouth and references are conventional and by far the best ways of growing your business. Your urge to go out of the way and help your clients with personalized service will certainly pay off well later. You can tap into other markets, and customers with a unique strength, and that’s hiring bilingual staff for ServiceNow administration – something that even the so-called best players may not have!

5. Gain the Competitive Edge over your Competitors

While your competitors remain busy gathering technical experts, you’d have something better and substantial to offer, and that’s a Japanese speaking ServiceNow administrator! It is something that your competitors may not be able to offer, and hence, companies would prefer working with you. For them, they’d have someone understanding them and their culture well.

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