Choosing a Vendor for ServiceNow

Choosing a Vendor for ServiceNow Management

Choosing the right ServiceNow vendor helps you enhance your IT Management and Support Services while exercising control over your IT budget, workflows, and objectives. Besides, you are going to invest money, and hence, you must ensure you get full value for money. So, you must evaluate your prospective ServiceNow vendor on a few parameters to ensure you partner with the right people.

If you are searching for the right ServiceNow resource provider for your company, you must not miss this! Reading this blog will help you know some essential considerations while selecting a ServiceNow vendor, and make the right choice.

4 Things to Consider while choosing a Vendor for ServiceNow

The term ServiceNow entails a variety of aspects, including consulting, recommending and executing solutions, managing the IT infrastructure, and troubleshooting IT-related problems. So, at the outset, you must check whether the shortlisted vendor facilitates all these services. In other words, look for a vendor that offers end-to-end ServiceNow services, and not fragmented ones.

Alongside the above, here are 4 important factors you must consider while hiring a ServiceNow vendor.

1. Your Prospective Vendor must have the Latest ServiceNow Qualifications, Accreditations, and Knowledge

The ServiceNow ESM platform undergoes continual improvements and upgrades. What worked a few months ago may have turned less effective, or even worse, obsolete now! So, ensure that your shortlisted vendor holds the latest ServiceNow accreditations and certifications. Knowing what the future holds is an added advantage – nothing like getting a futuristic ServiceNow partner!

Some of the essential ServiceNow certifications include undergoing the following.

  • Experienced Application Developer
  • ServiceNow Application Specialist – Performance Analytics Exam
  • ServiceNow System Administrator

Besides, extended platform experience in CSM, ITOM, Incident, Orchestrations, Discovery, ServiceWatch, Asset, etc. proves beneficial for you to optimize ServiceNow operations.

2. Your Shortlisted Vendor must offer you a Customized IT Strategy

An average, or an ordinary ServiceNow vendor, with only qualifications to his credit, will stick to what you say, and devise a strategy accordingly. However, an experienced, intelligent, and visionary one would probe, and pull out a highly customized, focused, and workable plan for your company. He will customize the tool for you so that you get the most out of it.

So, before making a choice, check whether the vendors you’ve shortlisted are willing to go that extra mile to customize their services for you, to help you achieve optimized results.

3. Your Vendor must help your Users Adopt ServiceNow Effectively

Certifications, knowledge, and experience are valuable factors. But, when those help and guide someone to do something, they turn priceless!

The vendor must make your end-users comfortable while using related tools. He must train them so that they welcome the change without reluctance. It doesn’t just help the team operate efficiently, but also enhances employee experience, as they know what they’re using and how to use it.

The above must constitute a vital part of the ServiceNow management proposal of your prospective vendor. If not, you must insist on adding it, considering its significance at the departmental level.

4. Check out on the Vendor’s Previous Projects, References, and Success Rate

We need not remind you of this, but we feel you must go through your vendor’s work history, ongoing projects, and their success rate. Talk to your vendor’s existing and past clients to understand the pros and cons of choosing him. Also, determine his urge to go out of the way and help his clients do something out of the box – for instance, an exceptional strategy, solution, or suggestion.

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