Use iPhone to test your Japanese JLPT Level 1 Skills

Pune, India : 05th June 2010

Now you can test your Japanese skills using your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Whether you are in classroom, traveling, waiting or studying, use your time for 1 kyu study. Fidel Softech had launched a unique iPhone application, under “Learn Languages” series, to help students appearing for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 1 examination.

Japanese Kanji Test on iPhone for JLPT Level N1

Japanese Kanji Test on iPhone for JLPT Level N1

Level 1 exam is really a tough exam and students have vast syllabus to study. A part of Level 1 is mastering Kanji. It is primarily for those interested in mastering the Kanji that are likely to appear in the exam. The application contains around 480 Kanji, along with their “on-yomi” (Chinese Reading) and “kun-yomi” (Japanese Reading) readings and their equivalent English meanings. Each Kanji will also have its “jukugo” (combination of two or more Kanji) readings.

Anyone with Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad can download the Application from Apps Store at :
This application is a great help for students who can have ready reference of Ikkyu ( JLPT Level 1 ).
Useful for :

  • Handy Kanji Dictionary
  • Practice Reading Kanji
  • Meaning given in Japanese (Hiragana / Katakana) and English
  • Possible Jukugo meanings for each Kanji
  • Test for your Kanji knowledge
  • 30 Sec timer, for practice of fast recognition. This practice will help you in Exam.
  • Each question have 3 options to choose from
  • Each test have 25 questions
  • Result immediately after completing Exam
  • You can test your Japanese kanji skills anytime, anywhere, unlimited number of times
  • Improves Kanji Knowledge
  • Improves speed of recognizing Kanji

We have also created a program to test your Kanji knowledge. The Kanji is displayed in random order, so every test is a bit different.

You can also keep track of your scores and monitor progress.

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