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Remote Server Monitoring and Management – 10 Reasons Why Companies Outsource

Remote server monitoring and management, as the name suggests, involves controlling, and managing a web server from a remote location, and ensure optimal performance from a remote location. Outsourcing it proves advantageous when you don’t have the logistical bandwidth and the financial muscle to deploy an onsite server management team within your premises.

Although decisive, the above ones aren’t the only reasons that encourage companies to outsource remote server management and monitoring. Outsourcing helps leverage specialized expertise, and experience, along with the necessary access to technology, quick resolutions, and many other elements that insourcing server monitoring and management may not necessarily do.
Here are ten reasons why companies are increasingly choosing to outsource server monitoring and management to companies specializing in handling outsourced IT support.

10 Reasons why Companies Outsource Remote Server Monitoring and Management

1. Reduce Server Downtime

Regardless of whether you handle a retail outlet or an eLearning company, or run a transport enterprise, frequent and prolonged server downtime can affect your business. While your in-house team remains engaged with several other essential tasks, appointing an external team to resolve the issue helps you reduce the server downtime, and resume server operations in a shorter time.

2. Increase Server Security

Your server may be vulnerable to hackers, and cyber attackers hovering over your IT systems, and waiting for the system to falter, and barge into it. These factors make server security paramount to every modern-day business setup.

Many companies outsource remote server management to IT support companies with specialists that patch these server vulnerabilities through timely updates. Besides, as they monitor your server 24/7, it remains secure and safe from such attacks.

3. Technical Expertise

Server management monitoring is a specialized task. It demands an exclusive and qualified team of server management and monitoring experts.
Outsourcing the task to an external server management and monitoring team opens access to resources that have then necessary expertise, and experience. It proves useful across various aspects such as incident response, resolving user problems, ensuring optimized performance at all times through regular server health checkups, and taking all the necessary precautionary steps.

Partnering with a specialized company helps you reserve your in-house IT resources to look after emergency patchwork, and leave the rest, the tasks relating to regular server upkeep to the external remote server management team.

4. Reduce IT Expenses

The criticality of IT, and its significance in driving business operations, makes it a considerable investment for every organization. Server monitoring and management, although essential, adds up to the overall IT costs. That is because it engages a substantial workforce and infrastructure, thereby increasing the overall IT-related costs of your company.

Through outsourcing, you keep away from a lot of staff-related and administrative expenses. You don’t have to hire people nor develop and maintain the necessary infrastructure. Your service provider takes care of it. You only have to pay the stipulated fee to the outsourcing company.

5. 24/7 Server Monitoring and Management

Your external, extended team keeps an eye on your server at all times. It monitors it round the clock and manages every aspect, including server security, server uptime, server operations, server performance, etc. Besides, the team fixes issues that may arise during the wee hours of the business, and thus prevent them from turning critical for the company.

With an in-house team, you may not necessarily get 24/7 server support, and even if you do, you may have to pay higher allowances and salaries to the resources that do it.

6. Technical Upper Hand over your Competitors

Specialized remote server management and monitoring experts stay abreast of the latest developments, trends, security protocols, technologies, etc. It proves advantageous for you, and you gain a competitive edge over your peers that may not have adopted the outsourcing strategy.

7. Focus on Core Business

Monitoring and managing the server is a task that engages a lot of expertise and time. Of course, if IT isn’t your core business, managing the server on your own may prove cumbersome, and the lack of knowledge, especially when it comes to complex concerns, can prove disastrous!

Outsourcing relieves you from each of these hassles. Partnering with the right people for remote server monitoring and management helps you focus on your core business, while your remote team takes care of your server’s health at all times.

8. Use your Existing IT Staff for other Productive Activities

Engaging your IT staff in monitoring and managing the server may exhaust its bandwidth, and may not allow it to work on other strategic tasks. Outsourcing, however, frees them up and helps them with more time, and the scope to work, and focus on strategic aspects such as process improvements, departmental efficiency, technological upgrades, customer service, etc.

9. Customized Remote Server Monitoring and Management Packages

Several specialized IT support companies offer customized remote serve management packages to fit the client’s budget and support needs. It works to your benefit as you get everything under one roof and through a package that fits your needs. Besides, you don’t even have to invest in building infrastructure. The remote monitoring company has everything you need for the project.

10. Outsourcing Proves a Sustainable Choice

Amidst the challenging and competitive business environment, outsourcing proves a better and a choice that proves beneficial in the long run. You save money, time, efforts and can also scale up the remote server monitoring time, as and when you need it.

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