Fidel Technologies works closely with local Japanese and global clients and helps them with technology and Japanese related support in Japan.

Fidel can deliver with following capabilities

Project Management / Local Support / Staffing for IT projects

  • Gathering requirements with local clients for offshore-driven projects
  • In-house English and Japanese capabilities to deliver
  • Project management and local support
  • Hiring of staff on behalf of clients and dispatch at clients
  • Liaison with local Japanese partners and ensure delivery of products and services

Localization / Translation / L1 support / Japanese and English language capabilities

  • Localization of UI and user manuals for clients planning to sell their software solutions in Japan.
  • In-house native Japanese translators with a huge database of pre-vetted native Japanese translators
  • Online interpretation for English and technology support in Asia and other countries

Technology Implementation / Managed Services

  • In-house technology team to support solution implementation / Cloud Support
  • L1-L2 support and managed services (desktop / network / cloud support)
  • Engineer-As-a-Service (SAP / ServiceNow / other technologies)

Internet of Things

Research Oriented Approach - Technology Agnostic - Expertise in Commercial and Open Source Technologies

IProduct Solutioning

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

What gets Measured, gets Managed...
We help you Manage and Optimize your Digital Initiatives

Test Automation

Test Automation

Our structured approach to automation design and development delivers an integrated framework with re-usable components, libraries and modularity that ensures stability and scalability and avoids the pitfalls. Our frameworks combine multiple automation components and provide an end-to-end test automation.

How we can serve you with above skills?

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