Automation BOT for Report Generating from REDMINE

The automation is used to make our work easier. The world is moving forward to using different technologies. Fidel is providing the solution with leading RPA tool Automation Anywhere.

This case study informs about use of Automation Anywhere tool – BOT FOR REDMINE Projects Report Generating.

Bot Overview

This bot performs following:

  1. Generate report for multiple projects.
  2. Team member work reports of projects.
  3. Time tracking of multiple projects.





Pre –requisites

  1. Automation Anywhere Enterprise v10.7 or above.
  2. Project Management system using Redmine


Bot login to Redmine Tool, inserts user details to appropriate fields and generate project reports.


  1. Fast and efficient process.
  2. Accurate report generation.

How bot works?

This bot login to Redmine Tool, get all details from text file and generate report based on dates, selected mode i.e. week, month, year, also it track each member work report Bot can rename downloaded files with start and end date for each cycle. This bot able to work for 24*7 as per requirements.

Input Data: Bot take all details from text file which is require to generate reports such as Start and End Date, Users Names etc.



Output: After entering all details i.e. Dates and team members name bot will generate report in CSV file and store file in User-Defined folder.





Bot Execution Process:

    1. Bot prompt user choice for Redmine version i.e. Yes/No.
    2. Bot Prompt message to Enter User Credential. I.e. Username and Password.
    3. Bot check for is Redmine window open or not.
    4. Bot launch website using IE browser.
    5. Enter the user credentials and click on login button.
    6. Go to reports page and insert all required details such as dates and user names/team members name.
    7. Click on CSV option at Right bottom corner.
    8. Rename downloaded file by using Start and End date.

Error Handling

This bot can handle error by storing following details:


  • Error Logs Month-Day-Year.txt: In case of any error, this file logs error message along with time stamp


  • Error Snap Month-Day-Year.png: In case of any error, this file captures screenshot of error.



As above, the Automation Anywhere offers much more to reduce human efforts in simple way, by automating repetitive tasks. It can be used in BPO, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Science, Manufacturing, Public Sector and Telecom.

With Automation Anywhere based solutions from Fidel Technologies, the work process is automated to optimum use of resources and make use of talents in a better way.


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