Creating an incident with sending an E-mail

Creating an incident with sending an E-mail, FIdel

Creating an incident with sending an E-mail

The clients wanted reports of an incidents to be created from inbound emails. Currently they have a various modules enabled in the service now. The cases are getting created from the inbound emails. We are planning to enable ITSM module as well in the same instance.

As we know that, ServiceNow uses a standard format including sentences while importing data in a table. The email is creating an incident with mentioning the email subject. It will create incident to be stored in the data. So that the data can be stored in CSV report together.


ServiceNow creates an incident based on the request of the user. But, we have to create an instance in which the incident is not only get created with and email but also it is be stored in the data.


We have used the Scheduled Script to read the particular mail subject. After reading the mail, we will import the data via script within the Service Now tables.


The data from the mail is stored to ServiceNow table successfully the scheduled script.The incident created with sending an email will decrease the personnel time and it will increase the accuracy.

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