Creating an incident with the Virtual Agent

Creating an incident with the Virtual Agent, ServiceNow Case Study

Creating an incident with the Virtual Agent

ServiceNow ITSM Virtual Agent allows your professionals to focus on more challenging requests and incidents. The ITSM Virtual Agent includes predefined communications designed to assist both your IT fulfilment experts and users complete common tasks, such as resolve an incident or create an incident.
As one of our clients wanted to implement, a virtual chatbot for a user to have an interaction with a live IT technician. We are configuring the virtual agent in the service portal, we can configure as our own need. After the configuration, we can see the Chat Icon on the side of the screen.


We have created a workflow in the service portal for the virtual chatbot, the chatbot starts with a certain statement at first asking how it will resolve the queries of the user.


ITSM Virtual Agent uses NLU to understand word meanings and approve word contexts to better infer user or system actions for better conversation flow.
Which also include keywords like an issue, problem or risk to better understand the severity of that incident which can be low, medium and high.


The incident is created with the help of a virtual agent by a user, which set a priority of an incident for an IT technician to manage.

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