Importing CSV file which isn’t in standard tabular format

Importing CSV file which isn’t in standard tabular format, Fidel

Importing CSV file which isn't in standard tabular format

A leading multinational company uses various software’s and systems which generate reports in different formats. The company needed to implement a ServiceNow - ITSM platform that could streamline methods for importing all the reports in a standard format.

They were was looking for a partner to implementation to customize and configure the system. Normally, ServiceNow uses a standard format including sentences while importing data in a table. But with our scheduled script imports data correctly in the same format. The scheduled script is used to import the report and convert them in a standard format.


ServiceNow needs standard tabular formatted CSV files to import the data in Service Now tables.

  • We’ve files from various software and systems that aren't in a standard format. Like, first some rows contain the sentences then table data started.
  • While importing such sort of data and entering it into the ServiceNow table data, it searches for the first header row and it fails to insert the table data.


  • We have skipped the quality transformation Map via Scheduled Data Import.
  • We’ve used Scheduled Script to read the particular file and imported the data via script within the Service Now tables.


The data enter standard CSV format and having tabular data wherever within the file. The script reads it and imports the data correctly. Also, we've supported comma as tab delimitation. Therefore the expected results reflect within the reports.

If anyone facing the same issue, please reach us. We are open to support.
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