Localization of Game Content

Case Study game-01


A leading company in the game industry.


Needed complete localization of games and game related content including marketing documents, game updates, etc. from English to Japanese.


  • Sourcing of English-Japanese translators with knowledge of the gaming industry.
  • Making translators aware of the tools involved.


  • Expert translators were sourced and provided training on the tools they needed to work with, along with familiarizing them with the style-guide and glossary.
  • Continuous translation and review cycles were performed and online referencing was also employed.
  • Queries and issues were logged in specified format.
  • Translations were submitted on the server after complete quality check using server CAT tools.
  • Client suggestions and inputs were implemented and the translations were re-submitted.




The game and its resources were translated and localized from English to
Japanese well within deadlines and Fidel is still working on this project
successfully for last two years.