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CSM ServiceNow Overview

Customer Service Management is to solve difficult problems end-to-end. Proactively fix queries and prompt action to resolve familiar demands more swiftly and efficiently. CSM helps you adopt the Knowledge Management and Field Service Management application to resolve customer issues quickly.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) improves the method you deliver your customer service solutions. It increases consumer satisfaction while decreasing expenses by connecting customer service with other departments. By utilizing AI and workflow to assign, manage, and resolve complex issues end-to-end.

ServiceNow CSM Modules

Communities CSM Module, Fidel


The Communities application allows you to connect, engage and collaborate with your employees, customers, partners, and prospects. Users can get quick responses to their issues by posting questions, reviewing blogs or videos, and searching for previous discussions.
Field Service Management CSM Module, Fidel

Field Service Management

The Field Service Management application benefits businesses to manage work tasks of any sort that need to be performed on location.

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management application allows sharing information in knowledge bases and it contains articles that provide users with information such as self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution.
Planned Maintenance CSM Module, Fidel

Planned Maintenance

The Planned Maintenance application works with Service Management applications to support businesses to manage regular, preventive maintenance of their assets.

Advantages of ServiceNow CSM

  • Make it simple for consumers to engage and it gives effortless customer service over anyway at any time.
  • It assigns responsibilities across the business to connect customer service with engineering, field service, finance, and other teams.
  • Monitoring the issues and create cases automatically. It also proactively observe customers’ products and services and take action on possible concerns and interruptions.
  • Mend underlying problems to reduce calls, drive knowledge base content changes, notify customers, and act on courses.
  • Assist customers to support themselves with a self-service catalog, communities, knowledge base, and portal.

Why Choose ServiceNow for CSM

  • It drives down costs and improves customer satisfaction. Serve as a highly scalable solution.
  • ServiceNow CSM can deliver services effortlessly, with more connectivity, and proactively.
  • Connect teams beyond departments to quickly find and fix issues.

Who should use ServiceNow for CSM?

  • IT Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Finance Industry
  • Government Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Telecommunication Industry

Why Fidel?

Fidel Technologies has a dedicated team of highly trained, experienced and Certified ServiceNow professionals supporting the customer through offshore development center setup.

So if you too are facing any challenges with ServiceNow, feel free to get in touch for custom multilingual ServiceNow solutions from Fidel. Contact 03-6261-3309 or Mail to salesfidel@fideltech.com

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