About DSR

Fidel is committed to deliver easy-to-use mobile business solutions for Indian and international markets. As our first step towards this effort, we are launching solutions for Field Sales People & Manufacturing SMEs. DSR App is helpful for Sales-person to track his/her revenue, based on the day-to-day sales. This App will help such sales-people to capture sales call meeting details, sales made during those sales calls and generate a “Daily Sales Report“. This report will show details such as “Daily Sales”, “Sales Call meeting list with call results”, “Location Details” and “Sales Amount”. The App incorporates user-support features such as meeting notifications, automatic location capture during meeting time.

How it works

See your daily meetings here, neatly sorted by date and time

Your daily sales graph by amount of products you sell or by revenue it generates

Your daily performance report for product wise sale

Revenue report of complete month, which can be easily converted in .csv file

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