For Investors

Fidel Technologies KK is a privately owned firm operational in Japan since 2001. If you are keen to invest in us or explore further, please reach out to us at

Till 2020, we have bootstrapped ourselves and grown the business. Our clients have funded our business so far with the projects and have supported us. Now when we have built a good delivery foundation, profitable cashflow business, we ask ourselves as to “how we can grow 5X in next 5 years” and there we see the need to invest upfront in building a sales engine, building in certain specific practice and hence we seek investment. Offcourse we continue to bootstrap ourselves and grow but this could be a good opportunity in case your firm seeks a good mid-size firm for growth in Asia.

For Investment seekers

In case your firm seeks investment from Fidel Technologies and you see strategic alignment, then feel free to reach out to us at In past, we have invested in startups and mid-size firms.
We are building core competencies in areas such as – ServiceNow – Virtualization & Cloud Infra – SAP – Digital Transformation – Data Analytics. If you are a 30-50 people team focused on any of these areas with a current clientele or geography focus (other than Japan), and seek investment then please reach out to us.

Ideally we prefer majority or sizeable investment because to deliver for Japan market we need to take serious decisions and commitment and hence majority shareholding helps to do so.

For Strategic Partners

If you see strategic alignment and complimentary partnership opportunities between Fidel and your firm, please reach out to us at

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