Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

IT, as an imperative aspect of the modern world enterprise, incurs a lot of efforts, time, as well as money for the infrastructure to be maintained. A lot of organizations are seen to drain out their resources only because they couldn’t gauge the requirement in the initial stages and failed to scale it as per their business requirement. And, if this wasn’t enough, the confrontations arising out of increased downtime and server failures, etc. keep the administrators bogging at all times. Nevertheless, amidst the chaotic situation, the development of remote IT infrastructure monitoring services has come in like a sigh of relief for IT administrators or the business owners that were otherwise compelled to settle onto the primitive static solutions. The development of customized solutions in the area of remote monitoring has proved to be a cost as well as a resource-effective alternative for organizations, thus helping business owners to focus on the other important and core areas of their business.

Fidel Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Support Services

Fidel being a sensible organization understands how important and cumbersome it is for the business owners to manage the IT infrastructure all by themselves. Besides, we also empathize with the fact that downtimes could be frustrating, and all the more painful from the commercial as well as the operational point of view. Hence, our remote IT infrastructure monitoring services are aimed at comprehensive management of the entire IT infrastructure. We support the following services within the RIM services umbrella.
  • Automated Monitoring:

    At Fidel, we employ the latest remote IT monitoring tools including Nagios, Zabbix, etc. These tools help us exercise automated remote control over your IT infrastructure, irrespective of the location of your command center or the server hub.
  • Availability Monitoring (Uptime) Server and Network:

    Computing the resultant frustrations and losses incurred, we offer the most comprehensive availability monitoring services for both, server as well as your network, in order to ensure that the fundamental elements are up and running at all times, thus, in turn, helping to keep you up with the desired productivity levels.
  • Utilization Monitoring – CPU, Memory, Storage, Bandwidth:

    Our technical expertise and the use of latest tools and techniques helps you monitor and measure the utilization rate of every IT infrastructural element. We help monitor and track high resource utilization at a glance, track multiple processors along with detailed and analytical reports for each and every CPU instance, and much more.
  • Log Monitoring – Error Logs, Audit Logs:

    We offer a comprehensive range of log monitoring services that act as a watchdog helping to track and record every incident and event that happens within the IT environment of your organization. Besides, our log monitoring services extend their capabilities to notifying or alerting the administrators about an unforeseen event thereby, in turn, reducing the resultant downtime.
  • Alert Notifications:

    Our remote monitoring services establish a threshold that triggers automated events. This helps avoid excess utilization or beyond threshold utilization of various IT resources, thereby proving to be cost-effective. For instance, in case the utilization of virtual server nears or reaches 80%, the administrator or the manager would receive an automated notification.
  • Performance Monitoring:

    Considering the commercial and UX significance of the website’s response to user interaction, we offer the most accurate and prompt performance monitoring services. The information mobilized through the monitoring mechanism contributes to enhancing the website’s response rate, in turn, contributing to higher user retention levels, reducing bounce rates, etc.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA):

    We strictly adhere to our own commitments of SLAs, coupled up with strict compliance towards IT rules and regulations.
  • Real-Time Graphical Information on Individual Components:

    Fidel offers real-time graphical information on the regular usage, threshold, excess utilization, performance, and so on of every IT component.
  • Vendor Independent Architecture:

    With us, our customers can leverage the alternative of choosing a completely scalable customized monitoring system based on their requirement, and not what the equipment manufacturer offers. This helps them save considerably on costs, resources, time and valuable energy invested in nurturing IT infrastructure beyond their requirement.
Managing IT infrastructure and keeping up with its dynamics is inevitable in the modern context. However, managing it in a smarter manner is the need of the hour, and that’s where Fidel’s remote IT infrastructure monitoring and management services comes into the picture! Fidel offers bilingual IT infrastructure support in Japan, as a remote services or can provide on-site IT infrastructure engineers, architects, and consultants for planning your infrastructure design, strategy, network setup and solutions, cloud implementation, security support and monitoring services. Looking for outsourcing your IT infrastructure monitoring, make Fidel your IT Infrastructure service provider for Japan.

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