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Besides operational challenges, IT infrastructure support has transformed into a major confrontation for IT administrators and business owners across the world. The ever-increasing numbers of infrastructural elements along with the growing complexities in managing the entire gamut have made it difficult for business owners to cope up with the rising costs and the complications involved in the managing IT infrastructure of the organization. However, since most of the business processes are stemmed through and involve IT infrastructural elements, administrators are left with two alternatives – either self-manage it or outsource it to a reliable and a comprehensive IT infrastructure support provider. Again, while the former requires huge and recurring investments, the latter proves to be a wiser alternative as it does not require employing in-house infrastructural support staff, thus saving on a lot of costs and hassles of keeping track of every element involved.

Fidel, one of the most reputed IT infrastructure support companies across the business spectrum, keeps these hassles at bay through a wide array of IT infrastructure services, right from IT infrastructure and consulting support to managing the most complex of IT infrastructural issues, with absolute precision! In contrast to the common belief that it is only the SMEs or startups that encounter IT infrastructure issues, at times, the larger enterprises as well find it a challenge to manage and pump investments into it. As a result, the project is either partially or completely outsourced. Over the years, Fidel has built a comprehensive expertise in IT infrastructure support management and therefore caters to organizations of all sizes. Scroll down to look at some of the IT infrastructure services offered at Fidel.

IT Infrastructure Services | IT Infrastructure Support for Japan and APAC

IT Infrastructure Consulting Support: To be able to identify the extent of services required and the services required being outsourced and other project essentials such as the way forward, etc. Fidel offers the most reliable and logical IT infrastructure consulting support. The right kind and degree of consulting help clients scale their IT infrastructure in accordance to the requirement, thereby saving onto the costs incurred.

Hardware and Software Purchase Liaison: Since IT related resources attract huge on-going investments, it is necessary for business owners to choose the right volume and kind of IT infrastructure based on the business requirement. Fidel helps its clients with procurement and licensing part thus ensuring IT compliance as well the optimal performance of every IT component.

Vendor Coordination and Management: The IT ecosystem is comprised of a lot of vendors and associates, managing which at times, becomes time-consuming and moreover intricate. The vendor coordination and management umbrella involve a comprehensive range of services right from vendor invitations, vendor assessment, and vendor finalization, coordinating with the vendors and managing various other operational aspects.

On Site IT Support: Fidel’s onsite IT support services entails desktop management, network management, asset management, application management, internet access, etc. The services are scaled in accordance with the client’s requirements, thus proving to be cost-effective and prudent for the clients in the long-run.

Server Support (System Deployment and Administration): Deploying the right and the latest systems requires a thorough understanding of not just the benefits but also their scalability and application in the business context. Fidel identifies the right tools to achieve the highest standards of efficiency. Some of these services include cloud management, database management, and other important server support services.

System Health Checkup: Fidel facilitates highly efficient system health checkup services including backup creation and management, along with setting up and managing disaster recovery management systems within the network.

Network Support: Fidel delivers a comprehensive network support right from network designing to facilitating ongoing network supports for TCP/IP setup (Router, switches, LAN/ WAN/ VPN, etc.)

Security Enabling: While security becomes an integral part of the IT domain, Fidel provides multiple security enabling services such as installing and managing surveillance cameras, creating access based control systems, developing and enforcing security policy throughout the organization, configuring firewall for a completely secure network, and installing and monitoring antivirus in every machine throughout the network.

Implement Third Party Infrastructure Monitoring Tools: Fidel supports and executes the implementation of third party infrastructure monitoring tools including Zabbix, Nagios, to match the client’s requirements.

Incident Management: Fidel’s operational expertise and problem-solving capabilities enable clients to resolve their user concerns within the stipulated SLA.

Problem Management: As both, recurring as well as one-off issues could pose a larger risk in the long-run, Fidel’s problem management services help investigate the issue in order to find out the root cause thus further enabling the team to design a comprehensive solution aimed at uprooting the issue.

Liaison with Global HQ: This service is particularly useful for companies operating branch offices across the globe with a central headquarters. Fidel works round the clock to help the branch offices of such organizations to coordinate with the global headquarters, seek consensus and approvals on various points and requests, resolving queries thereby relieving the clients out of the core coordination task.

Business IT Support: Business incorporates the use of a lot of collaborative tools such as emails, Skype, video conferencing tools, WebEx, etc. that offer the convenience of quick communication. However, at times, users face challenges while operating these tools and this is where Fidel’s role comes into the picture. To facilitate a smooth and hassle-free application of all these tools, Fidel offers an exclusive workforce catering to the concerns arising out of the usage, and to help the users seek the most out of it.

HQ Software in Japan: Fidel helps organizations comply with the IT infrastructural rules and regulations, and directions set by the headquarters. This service entails the installation and implementation of various software packages (for instance, HR, finance, etc.) as directed by the company headquarters in the local branch offices of the organization.

Besides the above, Fidel empowers its clients with daily IT administrative support including day to day user management, complying with and managing access and security protocols, etc. So, get your IT infrastructure organized today, and relieve yourself out of the associated hassles to channelize your energy towards the other important aspects of your business. For additional information, write into Fidel at

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