Java Development Services

Java is one of the leading languages when it comes to application development. Today, business needs and dynamic customer demands resulting from the competitive environment call for quick, efficient, and customized Java application development. In this view, partnering with FidelTech, one of the leading Java application developers, proves a prudent and sustainable business decision.

Java Application Development Services

1. Enterprise Java Application Development

Our comprehensive Java expertise helps us design and develop complex enterprise systems, web solutions, portals, self-service portals, customer/ vendor portals, community portals, eCommerce websites, banking websites. Our proven expertise, focused development, along with a team of experienced and qualified Java developers, give you the competitive edge when it comes to customized enterprise Java application development.

2. Customized Java Application Development

Our Java experts, team up with our business analysts, UI/ UX designers, QA engineers, along with other technology professionals to facilitate full-cycle custom product development. It includes everything right from designing the application to testing it, and further providing technical support and maintenance. We develop highly secure intricate banking systems, ERPs, and a range of other software applications to help our client optimize their business processes. Our capabilities enable us to create large-scale corporate software applications, and distributed systems that can manage high data flow, and serve a large number of users across the organization.

3. Java Product Development including SaaS Applications

We leverage Java’s capabilities to deliver a broad array of products, including Content Management Systems (CMS), streaming software, messaging applications, VoIP, product life-cycle management systems, mobile banking applications, image analysis software, smart and connected systems applications. Our experts ensure a competitive product across every aspect right from its application in the business context, to delivering a seamless experience for its users.

4. Desktop Application Development

Our Java developers are comprehensive experts with capabilities that extend our service portfolio to developing and delivering desktop applications as well. We develop business software for Linux and Windows. We use the latest and cutting-edge technologies such as Swing and JavaFX to ensure highly efficient desktop applications to companies from various business domains.

5. Wearable Device Application

We believe in continual evolution and development. Such a constant development approach has helped us venture into modern-day areas, out of which one is developing applications for wearable devices. We develop standalone apps for wearable devices that enable access to a broad range of sensors, and other hardware from the involved device.

6. 24/7 Software Application Support and Maintenance

As an end-to-end Java application development service provider, we offer you 24/7 project and application support and maintenance services. We support your application throughout the project. It includes relentless support while scaling up the application, product migration to another platform, upgrading or reengineering software, and across many other phases and aspects.

Cloud Java Application Development

We provide an array of cloud Java application development solutions as well. It helps you integrate and leverage the power of cloud and Java application. We work with the leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure Cloud to ensure comprehensive cloud Java solutions. Cloud Java Application Development

Our Java Development Service Expertise

Our experience and comprehensive Java expertise reflect our service expertise. All along, we’ve developed expertise across multiple Java segments, integrations, and applications. Java Development Service Expertise.

Our Java Application Development Process and Practices

At FidelTech, we follow a very organized, focused, and result-oriented Java application development process. Our process aims at completing every phase of the project on time and delivering an efficient software application product towards the end. We divide the project into five different steps, which helps us improve our focus. We assign the most appropriate resources, including Java developers, Java project managers, and a range of other technical and strategic resources as deemed necessary. Here’s how we handle each of the Java application development projects that we take up.

Step 1 – Analysing the Needs, and Preparing Estimates

We consider the first step as the most important one, as it is here that you put forth their expectations, and we understand them. We do the following tasks in the first step of the project.
  • Initial assessment of the idea, discussing the requirement and setting up expectations.
  • Analyzing the existing business needs and performing market research.
  • Determining the objectives and quantifying the result.
  • Preparing estimates of the project.

Step 2 – Preparing for the Project

Now that we complete the initial stage and set the trajectory of the project, we take up the preparation phase, which includes the following factors.
  • Preparing the contract.
  • Developing the architecture, and design
  • Dividing the work into sub-phases and setting up deadlines for each one of them.

Step 3 – Development and Quality Analysis

This is where the actual production part begins. We split the development and quality analysis phase into various vital parts, including the following.
  • Application development
  • DevOps
  • Application testing
  • Recording and documentation

Step 4 – Delivering the Product

Once we develop, run, and test the product, we deliver it to the client. We employ the latest testing measures to ensure that the software application does what the client expects it to do in the most efficient manner.

Step 5 - Technical Support and Post Product Development

As a comprehensive Java application development service provider, we ensure end-to-end handholding for you. Our projects don’t end after the delivery of the product. We provide the following services as a part of the post-delivery service proposition.
  • Implementing new features
  • Adapting to newer software versions
  • Implementing upgrades
  • Creating continual backups
  • Constant server management
  • Continual technical support as and when needed.

Industries we Work with

Our techno-strategic Java expertise, coupled with years of experience of working as end-to-end Java developers, puts us in a better position as compared to our counterparts. We comply with software regulation standards, including PCI/DSS, GDPR, OWASP, and ISO: 9001, and HIPAA.
This is why companies from a wide range of businesses choose us as their preferred Java application development service providers. Here are some of the industries with which we continue to work and develop diverse Java applications.

  • Banking and Finance: We work with most of the major banks across the globe, and have developed a range of software applications, including stock exchange systems, finance apps, mobile banking, payroll management software, insurance software, and many other customized Java-based applications.
  • Education and E-Learning: Our clientele includes a lot of organizations from the education services sector. We develop educational platforms, online courses, LMS, school management software, etc. for the education services.
  • Health and Fitness: Fitness applications, healthcare apps, patient portals, and EMR/ EHR.
  • ECommerce: Supply chain, inventory management software, Chatbots, etc.

Hire the Best Java Development Team

If you are looking forward to outsourcing the development of Java-based applications for your business, connect with FidelTech. We work as your external Java application development team that delivers customized Java applications in the shortest possible time and a cost-effective manner. Our team comprises an entire Java application development unit that ensures efficiency across all the phases.
Our Java application team comprises an account manager, certified Java developers, business analysts, DevOps engineer, architect, UX/ UI designer, QA engineers, and a dedicated project manager. All these resources work in close coordination to ensure a flawless and thoroughly tested Java application at your disposal. Our project manager keeps you abreast of the progress of the project and works as a single point of contact throughout the project.

Why Choose FidelTech for Java Application Development Services?

Here are some of the prominent reasons that indicate why we are one of the leading Java development service providers, and also why you must outsource Java application development project to us.

  • End-to-end Java application development services.
  • Thoroughly tested applications.
  • Reduced Go-To-Market time.
  • Multilingual technical support for nationwide and global operations scenario.
  • Cost-effective and customized Java application development packages.
  • An experienced and versatile Java development team.
  • End-to-end project management.
  • Application of the latest and cutting-edge technologies for optimal efficiency.
  • Clean Java code and high-quality tests.
  • Extensive range of Java development services.
Connect with our Java development and project management experts at or call 03-6261-3309 to discuss your application development needs, and to get your customized Java development package.

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