Multilingual DTP Services

We have dedicated trained and experienced DTP team. Our team processes thousands of pages of multilingual documents in over 24 languages every year. The objective is to produce localized online or print-ready materials which accurately reflect the original, while complying with the linguistic and typography standards of each and every language and target locale. Desktop publishing is often one of the last phases in a typical translation project, and one that gives the final look and feel to the localized materials. No matter how good the translation quality may be, even a small layout or typographical mistake may dramatically impact how users perceive the product or the brand. This is even more so on high-profile materials such as marketing communications, advertising or packaging.

One Stop Multilingual DTP Services

At Fidel, we lead the way in providing one stop multilingual desktop publishing services, which include:

  • Formatting and layout of localized materials matching the original
  • Complying with target-language standards
  • DTP quality assurance checks
  • Generating PostScript and PDF files for online and print publication
  • Creating and maintaining specific target-language DTP and typographical guidelines
  • Extracting content for translation, where original editable source material does not exist
  • Creating templates and document designs for producing online or printed PDF outputs
  • Design and implementation of single-sourcing solutions

Language Solutions

We can provide multilingual DTP in any language, including double-byte Asian, Middle East and European languages as well as bidirectional languages such as Hebrew or Arabic. Our DTP specialists possess the locale-specific knowledge, backed up by our existing knowledge base and a set of country-specific DTP rules and standards we have developed over the years. This enables us to produce flawless DTP for any language.

One stop solution for Japan Exhibition

Are you participating in the exhibition in Japan? Congrats. We understand that you are providing world class products and services. Now you are prepared to tap market of leading economy in the world. We provide you following material in Japanese:


Corporate Brochures Product Catalogs


Corporate Flyers Handouts Leaflets

Visiting Cards

Japanese Visiting Cards EN/JP Visiting cards


Discount Coupons Promotional Offers

Audio Visual Ads

Dubbing audio of EN film to JP voice (Voice over) Inserting JP subtitles to EN Film


Arranging EN/JP interpreter in Japan at exhibition location Arranging booth attendants at exhibition stall in Japan

Corporate Gifts With Japanese Text

Paper holders/files with Japanese Name Pen with Japanese text Pen stand with Japanese names


Why Hindi DTP?

If any organization want to sell products in India, having all the required information in Hindi is most natural choice. You can make marketing material, Product Information, User Manuals, Websites etc. in Hindi so that maximum number of people should be reached. Fidel offer DTP, Localization and Printing services in Hindi Language. We can offer you everything related to localization of your products/services under one roof.

DTP Samples


Need a Multilingual DTP Service?

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