Interpretation, Coordination, PMO & Cultural training Services

Industrial visits, exhibitions, business meetings or software cross-border projects need communication between various teams. Fidel has a pool of Japanese & other foreign language interpreters, coordinators and PMO staff and works with its clients to deliver quality interpretation and coordination services. The engagements are onsite as well as online (on skype or Zoom).

Most common service requirements from our clients are:

a. Interpreter :

These are on minimum half day (4 hour) basis contracts (or in some cases minimum 1 day basis). Most are linear interpretation and not simultaneous or real time interpretation. Fidel arranges interpreters for exhibition, plant or industrial visits, meetings and IT projects.

b. Coordinator :

These are bilingual communicators or coordinators who are required to leverage the Japanese and English language skills for mid to long term projects. The contracts are ideally from a 1 – 3 month basis to 6 month or 1 year continuous basis. The coordinator interprets during meetings as well as translates emails or some documents.

c. PMO :

These are bilingual team members in the PMO (project management office) and assist the PMs (project managers). The PMO provides language as well as project management assist services which includes meeting minute taking, coordination, WBS updates, liaison and status or schedule checking with various team leads, interpretation and translation as required.

Besides this, Fidel provides cultural training and sensitization services. This includes a 2 hour or a 1 day session with the team members and sensitizing towards Japanese culture and work places. For senior executives, this includes meeting and post-meeting socializing with their Japanese counterparts.

Most common pair of interpretation requirements are :

  • Japanese – English
  • Japanese – English – Hindi or Tamil or Marathi
  • Japanese - English – Chinese / Korean
  • Japanese – English – Spanish / German

For any specific language pairs or services, please reach out to us and we will assist you and your team for any of the above services.

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