Localization Services

Localization, or "L10n" is a process of product translation and cultural adaptation for specific countries or regions, to account for differences in local markets & Cultures. Language localization is not merely a translation activity, because it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs.

Fidel follows a well-defined comprehensive approach while localization of your product. While localizing, we make sure that the target customers of your products should feel familiar about the information presented. We consider language, geographical and cultural aspects of the targeted users. The information about a successfully localized product, therefore, is not only translated correctly in a linguistic sense, but also reflects local concepts, symbols and idiosyncrasies.

Fidel provides following localization services:

  • Translation and adaptation of information, printed documentation and packaging of product
  • Translation, adaptation and technical validation of product
  • Translation of marketing material, Advertisement, catalogs, brochures, datasheets and promotional campaigns
  • Presentation / multimedia localization
  • Website/web page translation and localization

Fidel provides following localization services:

  • Software Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Video Game Localization
  • Product Localization

Why use Fidel for your Localization Requirements?

  • Provides you with over 60 Languages support for Localization
  • Global network of native professional translators for each language we work in
  • Follows ISO 9001-2008 quality control processes
  • Support for all computer platforms and programming languages
  • Expertise, experience & professional trust from performing thousands of translations each day
  • Outsourcing of complete localization project
  • Organization with offices in the Japan
  • We deliver on promises
  • Satisfied clients, including fortune 500 organizations
  • Flexible and Customer centric project execution

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