Website & Enterprise Software Localization Services

Localization, or "L10N" is a process of UI (user interface) translation and cultural adaptation for specific countries or regions or locale, to account for differences in local markets & cultures. This not includes the language part but covers the date format, currency, alignment (right to left or left to right) and other aspects.

Fidel provides localization services for

  • Enterprise Software Localization (desktop / Cloud / client-server)
  • Website Localization (CMS / Dynamic)

Localization of enterprise software or a website is complex as it involves alignment of complex tasks and project management.
In case of software, the text, the label messages or error messages, the master data might be embedded in the source code or in database. Then there could be sentences with the variables displaying the value in real time. Translating of such sentences is also complex as the word or sentence order is different in different languages.
In case of website, the websites have become complex and the contents could come from database, through JSON, Javascript or 3rd party service providers. Further the contents change continuously and hence post localization also the change management support is needed.

Fidel works with the clients on various fronts

  • If the client has extracted the master data, UI labels, text messages and other material in xml or text format from the software or the website, then Fidel can give a quote and timeline for the delivery in the given language. Fidel uses CAT tools to leverage translation memory and ensures consistency of delivery.
  • If extraction of such data is cumbersome, further the client has a small IT or project management team, then Fidel can provide a more wholesome approach by leveraging its Linguify solution. Linguify can localize the UI of any enterprise software or website without the need to modify the source code or contents. The scraping of contents and the realtime switching of the languages is the technology part while the translation itself is manual (not machine translation) and hence quality is assured. The translated dictionary and the Linguify engine resides in client cloud or client premises and hence security is assured. The entire process takes 6-8 weeks and Fidel (together with its group company LinguaSol) takes entire responsibility to deliver with minimum efforts on client side.

Besides this, Fidel provides following localization services

  • Transcription, Translation and subtitling of e-learning or educational / corporate videos
  • Translation of marketing material, catalogs, brochures, datasheets & promotional campaigns
  • Translation of corporate presentation / multimedia localization
  • Website / web page translation and localization

Why use Fidel for your Localization Requirements?

  • LangTech firm and hence availability of technologies and in-house linguists
  • Can localize initially as well as help the client maintain the change management
  • Can provide translation services as well as technology solution to extract & localize
  • Covers around 60+ Languages support (including Middle-eastern languages)
  • Global network of pre-vetted native professional translators
  • Follows ISO 9001-2008 quality control processes
  • Is ISO27001 certified (ISMS and data security)
  • Supports all major computer platforms and programming languages
  • Outsourcing of complete localization project (end-to-end) possible
  • Organization with office in Japan
  • Satisfied clients, including fortune 500 organizations
  • Flexible and Customer centric project execution

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