Language Translation Services

We offer translation services in more than 100 languages with a special focus on all Indian, Japanese and other Asian languages. Our translation processes are of international standards, ISO 9001-2008 Certified and are offered by the professional translators with rigid quality control. High quality work, client satisfaction and quickest turnaround time are the main features that differentiate Filose from any other translation service providers. While providing you translation service, we consider the domain of work. Translator with knowledge of particular domain can give you desired results. Filose ensures that the project is handled by translators having particular domain knowledge thereby assuring high quality of translation.

Languages We Serve

We have huge resources of professionally qualified and certified translators who are dedicated in providing professional translation work on time. As a result of their expertise and specialization, we are fully equipped to undertake projects ranging from simple to highly complex and technical nature. Most of these linguists are also trained in using CAT tools like SDLTrados & Wordfast. We do rigorous proofreading and editing by using our latest gadgets and software to assure high quality work. Japan is one of the leading countries in the field of technology and trade. We offer excellent Japanese translations by experienced and skilled linguist experts in Japanese.

Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu,Marathi and Punjabi, are few of the Indian languages. Here is the complete list of languages from Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Europe, we handle.

Document Translation Services

Whether your documents in paper or digital format, we provide you accurate and fast translation. We have already translated millions of words in all sorts of documents and in wide variety of domains. It can be a handwritten document you want to convert in Framemaker file, word file or brochure in Illustrator; we can deliver in the format you want.

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Website Translation Services

Website is undoubtedly the most powerful means of reaching customers worldwide and maximizing business potential. The language barrier can limit effectiveness of your website. If your website speak the language of visitor, chances of getting his attention is much more. Whether you want English to Japanese translation services or other translation services, Filose offers translation services for:


Smart Phones

E-commerce Shopping sites

I-Phone / I-Pad Apps

In website translation, we provide Language Translation along with necessary technical services needed, consisting of:

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We have experience to work on many web technologies for translation, like

Though, English is a global language these days, to deal with different countries like Japan, Japanese translations services are essential too. Our global base of professional translators is ready to translate for you, whatever you need. From User Manuals to website translation services and Certificates to Online Games, we can provide your translation on time, every time. Our ISO 9001-2008 certified Translation & Quality Control processes have been trusted by some of the world's most recognized brands across multiple industries, to translate their messages consistently in many languages.

Tools & Technologies

We can translate your ideas into one of the most competitive, optimized and attractive solutions. We have wide experience in developing applications using iOS, Android and Windows. We have been successfully integrating third party services starting from google analytics, amazon web services to payment gateways in our mobile applications. We ensure the quality of our applications through testing on all the latest smart phone devices available in our Mobile Test Lab.

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