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Healthcare, the most prominent of all service streams that require a personalized approach towards services and consultations, owing to its large scale operations in the modern-day context, cannot remain aloof from the operational streamlining that RPA contributes in. Today, healthcare isn’t confined to consultation or manually managing patient files. In fact, since the advent of technology, it is only seen to be embracing technology and integrating it into several of its routine functions. Some of the functions, wherein Robotic Process Automation has proved its utility in optimizing patient scheduling, expediting the otherwise lengthy and overly manually operated billing process, managing insurance claims, controlling various types of inventories involved, and many others.
As RPA grows by the day, it takes up various other business functions in the healthcare domain, which were once managed by humans. Experts believe that the current potential for RPA in the healthcare services area is around 35-36%, which is by no means a modest number, as it represents slightly more than 1/3 of the total operational processes.

Automation Anywhere, one of the largest and the most popular RPA services and solutions providers across the globe has delivered successful healthcare RPA projects, thus ensuring that the healthcare service providers optimize their routine tasks, and place themselves in a better position to deliver quicker and more accurate services to its clients.

The Need for RPA in Healthcare Companies

Why does healthcare require automation through RPA? This fundamental question could be best answered when we understand the criticality of the various healthcare operations, and their augmented ability to serve patients in a better and quicker manner, if and when automated. A lot of the healthcare institutions are confronted with the limited intake of patients owing to the limitations posed by the administrative inefficiency, thus proving to be a hindrance for expansion, despite operational abilities to do it, and also hamper customer service to results in customer dissatisfaction.
Also, healthcare organizations, the larger ones in particular, with data warehouses are often found to be struggling with the organized management and the use of information contained in the EHR. The manual management of these huge unorganized data lots could be quite tiresome and moreover frustrating, let alone the efforts required in translating data into useful transactional information. RPA, however, automates the extraction, analysis this data to translate it into vital business information, enabling better decision making based on the availability of the real-time information.
For all of this, and to of course, streamline several other processes such as invoicing, vendor management, appointment scheduling, managing doctors’ timetable, inventory management to optimize the inventory use and track the rate of the unutilized inventory, managing housekeeping schedule, ICU availability, RPA is increasingly proving itself to the best ever solution.

Benefits of RPA in Healthcare

RPA in healthcare has widespread benefits. As it directly addresses the pain areas, it, it acts as a reliever for a lot of mundane administrative tasks. Automating all of the above business functions could results in a larger bandwidth for the healthcare staff to indulge in more productive and qualifying activities, helps the management save a lot of man-hours and utilize them for other functions, leverage the benefits of streamlined and accurate vendor management, foster cost savings in terms of the excess workforce required and also in terms of the processing cost per transaction, enjoy accurate appointment scheduling, and faster invoice processing, thus contributing to better customer service.

Examples of Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare Industry

Automation Anywhere, as specified earlier, has delivered several successful projects in healthcare services domain. Let us look at 3 of those healthcare RPA use cases.

Case Study 1

Upgrading to a new integrated EMR and transferring 30 years of data to the new system was a major concern for one of the leading healthcare institutions. A manual transfer of around 64,000 records was projected to take several months to years. RPA implementation, however, transferred the data in an exceptionally quick time (just 24 hours!), thus saving over 2000 man hours, and that too with 100% accuracy and without any loss of data.

Case Study 2

Another leading healthcare organization had a similar concern for automating patient data transfer. RPA automation expedited the process with complete accuracy, coupled up with 100% data security and zero data loss in the migration process.

Case Study 3

Besides the above two, RPA has helped automate many other functions such as patient self-check-in, augmenting patient flow, enhancing the self-service kiosk function, and others.

RPA solution in Japan - Automation Anywhere Sales, Service and Support in Japan

In Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Kanagawa, Aichi, and Hyogo are the major cities that lead the healthcare services sector in Japan. Automation Anywhere’s RPA prowess, when coupled up with Fidel - service proposition, could do wonders automating various business functions, thus amplifying the service and technological capabilities of the Japanese healthcare services providers. Fidel is the associate for Automation Anywhere RPA in Japan. Its proposition involves offering end-to-end RPA services including RPA sales, RPA design, and implementation services, followed by a prompt and flawless RPA technical support.
If you too, as a healthcare service provider in Japan, wish to explore the potential of RPA and leverage its benefits in your context.

Healthcare industries in Japan can implement RPA for tasks and processes like - Bolstering Revenue Cycles, Offering Optimal Care, Claims Administration, Savings in Human Labor. For more information on Fidel - Automation Anywhere RPA services in Japan, get in touch with us.

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