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Human resources, often which is comprised of a lot of repetitive tasks, is one of the most prominent business functions increasingly embracing robotics process automation on a very wide scale. Right from processing invoices, bills, payroll, to processing employee records, etc. the human resources vertical, in many enterprises of varying sizes, across the world, has been inducing RPA within their existing systems, and relieving the consultants out of all these strenuous tasks. Although the application of RPA in HR differs to varying extents from that of other business verticals, the need for RPA in HR is governed by apparently the same objectives.

Why is RPA Important for the Human Resources Function? The Need for RPA in HR Companies

HR functions, over a period of time, could get extremely repetitive, and when coupled up with an increase in the number of employees, things could only worsen for the people handling them. Often, staff members from human resources are found to be manually computing payroll, process salaries, and perform other tedious functions manually all by themselves. Now, working in a limited business environment, wherein there are not many employees to handle, one could get away with technology, but certainly not when there are thousands of them. In such a situation, inducing a robot in the existing system proves to be one way of getting rid of these tasks, and let the bot work round the clock, without any sick leaves, whenever required to complete them.
RPA helps HR simplify, expedite and manage a part of or the entire process. Some examples wherein RPA could be useful to the HR department are, payroll management, managing the huge documentation part involved in talent acquisition, processing employee records, monitor employee attendance, HR form tracking, process various reports such as employee reports, payroll reports, tax reports, etc. send automatic attendance notification to employees on email. Besides these internal processes, RPA, when designed and implemented well, could come in useful in case of mergers and acquisitions of different platforms, the integration part of which confronts HR professionals, and which is simplified through the application of RPA.
Besides the administrative and operational benefits that RPA brings to the HR desk, it offers some technological benefits as well. RPA robots are said to be non-invasive low-risk technology capable of integrating and using the existing system and procedures. This avoids a large investment, which could otherwise be incurred in getting other favourable systems onboard or upgrade or modify the existing ones.

Examples of Robotic Process Automation in Human resources Industry

Here, we will quickly take a look at some of the Automation Anywhere’s RPA case studies within HR functions, and see what tangible results did RPA deliver to the organizations that deployed it.

Case Study 1

One of the global banks spent a lot of energy as well as resources in managing a single HR form tracking and management process. The deployment of RPA, not only automated the HR form tracking and management process, but the automation, after some initial investment, and over a period of time, brought in a savings of around USD 1 million every year.

Case Study 2

Another technology based company in the United States had concerns with the manual management of various processes including renewal quote generation, and invoicing process. The result of automating all these processes through RPA fostered a saving of around USD 2 million every year.

Case Study 3

An insurance company had similar issues with the processing of HR records, and physician statement orders, which were automated through RPA, and resulted in saving of around USD 200,000 per annum.

RPA solution in Japan - Automation Anywhere Sales, Service and Support in Japan

Japan is one of the globally growing markets for RPA in HR, with potential markets such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Aichi, and Saitama. Fidel is the Automation Anywhere’s associate in Japan that offers RPA right from the beginning. Fidel’s Automation Anywhere RPA services in Japan include designing RPA, to implementing it. Besides, it also includes RPA sales, service, and RPA back-end technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of RPA throughout. We offer comprehensive RPA scalable solutions and support for various industries including, banking, food and beverage, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, and many others.
If you are a growing businessman in Japan, and wish to automate your routine tasks, RPA is the solution for it, and Fidel - your trusted RPA service provider in Japan.

HR industries in Japan can implement RPA for tasks and processes like - Resume Screening and Candidate Shortlisting, Offer Letter Administration, New Hire Set-Up and Onboarding, Travel and Expense Management, Employee Data Management. For more information on Fidel - Automation Anywhere RPA services in Japan, get in touch with us.

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