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When one talks about the potential for RPA in manufacturing, the vast expanse of the various mechanical operations that need robotic automation could be certainly banked upon. Right from automating the supply chain, to automating the output, and then preparing or scheduling it for delivery, RPA can automate almost everything that is counted under the manufacturing process. And, it is not just the core manufacturing or operational part that RPA can turn helpful with, but with many other enabling units such as finance, HR, administration, and others. Automation Anywhere, one of the leading RPA solutions providers across the global business spectrum, has helped a lot of manufacturing companies around the world to automate several of their core operational and ancillary processes through RPA.

The Need for RPA in Manufacturing

Manufacturing involves several operational processes that help process the raw material, also produce and control the output. However, although several bigger manufacturers have begun adopting RPA within their existing processes, a lot of them, are either slow at adopting them, or reluctant owing to the years of excessive reliance or trust on the manually operated processes.
Of course, being cost-effective is one aspect to adopting RPA, being labour-effective is another one. Manufacturing units are labour-intensive, and therefore, employing a large chunk of a workforce for something which could be easily and inexpensively automated, is one important concern that would surface in the long run. RPA brings in operational efficiency, as robots never sleep, nor get tired, or go on a vacation. They keep working without boredom and without breaks, thereby resulting in higher production, as compared to man-managed production operations. Again, RPA helps business owners engage their production staff for more challenging and productive tasks, thus proving to be labour-effective as well.
Also, RPA, if correctly aligned with the standard operating procedures of the operational process, improves workers’ safety, reduces the number of manual errors, thus adding to prompt and accurate output. In the long run, and in a way, RPA contributes to customer satisfaction as well.

RPA Challenges in Manufacturing Companies

Among the shining benefits, there are some challenges while adopting RPA in the manufacturing process. The foremost challenge is slower adoption. Manufacturing for years has been governed by conventional automation or mechanical processes. These challenges are a hindrance to RPA implementation or adoption in the existing manufacturing processes. Besides, the cost of implementation too is another concern for many industrialists. At times, when the traditional processes are found to be performing well, and the business owners don’t see a possible obstacle in the near future, they’d be resistant to RPA owing to its current costs.
Of courses, there are solutions to these challenges. Robotics Process Automation, since its inception, has been consistently developing and therefore, with the right RPA partners like Automation Anywhere, these concerns wouldn’t remain challenges anymore.

RPA Benefits in Manufacturing

Despite all the challenges, RPA results in a lot of benefits for manufacturers, regardless of the operational volume that they handle. However, as specified earlier, RPA benefits the entire value chain, through the automation of various back-office operations as well, such as finance, HR, administration, IT and others. Here are some core benefits of RPA in manufacturing.

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Automate the complex inventory management
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Increased workers’ safety levels
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Keeping up with developments and changes happening within the industrial premise, as RPA automates the complex task of keeping a tab of various industrial regulations.

Examples of RPA in Manufacturing Industry

Let us take a look at some real-world RPA case studies in the manufacturing industry.

Case Study 1

One of the global giants had concerns with the manual purchase order fulfillment process that demanded a personal touch element, for one of its leading clients. Designing and implementing an automated process wasn’t a challenge, however, a process that would execute the human-automation alliance was the requirement. The newly designed process, automated 90% of the manual process. It featured a seamlessly integrated automation with a legacy system, without any changes to the code. RPA resulted in a 40% increase in the productivity, expedited transactions by 25%, about 90% reduction in the manual efforts, and above all, 0% error.

Case Study 2

Improving the process and accuracy of truck mileage counts and contracts, comprised of manual data entry that resulted in manual errors was a major concern for one of the clients of a global organization. The implementation of RPA simplified and automated truck-tracking, seek mileage insights, perform calculations, and identify trends in the use patterns. RPA implementation resulted in 30% productivity increment, 0% errors, 25% increment in the transactional speed.

Case Study 3

RPA benefitted one of the global logistics company through the automation of back-end document management. It was integrated with the existing project management software, wherein robots gathered and maintained all the necessary electronic documents, and deliver real-time comprehensive information to the transport management system.

RPA solution in Japan - Automation Anywhere Sales, Service and Support in Japan

Japan is one of the global leaders on the manufacturing horizon. Osaka, Aichi, Tokyo, Saitama, and Shizuoka are some of the leading cities when it comes to the manufacturing industry in Japan. Fidel is the Automation Anywhere’s official associate for RPA in Japan. We offer multiple services under Automation Anywhere’s RPA proposition, which includes RPA sales, RPA designing, RPA implementation, and RPA support.

Manufacturing companies in Japan can implement RPA for tasks and processes like - Bill of Materials, Administration and reporting, Customer Support and Service Desk, Data Migration, ERP Automation and Logistics data automation.For more information on Fidel - Automation Anywhere RPA services in Japan, get in touch with us.

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