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ServiceNow is a highly customizable enterprise cloud service to automate operations such as IT helpdesk, asset management, enterprise service management, virtual support workflow covering all aspects of a customer’s service lifecycle to provide proactively.

Fidel Technologies has a dedicated team of highly trained, experienced and Certified ServiceNow professionals supporting the customer through offshore development center setup. The ServiceNow team is ready to assist you with their technical expertise in integration, development and ongoing management of projects.

Fidel adopts an organized and systematic approach towards serving ServiceNow clients. A majority of ServiceNow clients facing resources and expertise issues. Therefore, considering the difference that exists in client domains, and also their varying requirements, Fidel team offers customized solutions to each and every ServiceNow client, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction in every case.

Our ServiceNow Customization team provides much better services to customers such as faster response time, more flexible service level agreements (SLA) and streamlined service delivery.

We also have a Multilingual Team to support ServiceNow projects in other than English language. We offer ServiceNow support in Japanese.

Fidel ServiceNow Resources

Fidel ServiceNow Services

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Governance, risk management, compliance activities, and brilliant automation into your digital business processes to continuously monitor and prioritize risk.

Configuration Management Database


To successfully manage and enhance your systems, you need to know exactly what assets are in your IT environment and have current, accurate configuration data.

Project Outsourcing


To deliver great employee experiences to your organization by implementing the HR service application. The benefit of delivering fast and personalized service and gain employee productivity.

Multilingual ServiceNow Support

Fidel specializes in multilingual ServiceNow support! Offering this as an exclusive service, Fidel intends to help entrepreneurs overcome the language barrier, and avoid letting it turn into a roadblock for their business.
Fidel employs a team of well-trained and customer-centric professionals that possess comprehensive domain as well as language expertise.

ServiceNow Japanese Support

ServiceNow is among the largest infrastructure management and support software in the Japanese business arena.Read More

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