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ServiceNow is a highly customizable enterprise cloud service to automate operations such as IT helpdesk, asset management, enterprise service management, virtual support workflow covering all aspects of a customer’s service lifecycle to provide proactively.

A dedicated team of highly trained ServiceNow professionals supporting the customer through offshore development center setup. The team is ready to assist you with their ServiceNow technical expertise in integration, development and ongoing management. Our ServiceNow Customization team provides much better services to customers such as faster response time, more flexible service level agreements (SLA) and streamlined service delivery.

Area of Expertise


IT Service Management is about transforming IT on the enterprise level. Following are the key Areas defined in the IT service Management. .

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • CMDB
  • Service Catalog
  • SLA/ OLA

  • Orchestration

    It includes Password Reset, Client Software Distribution, and activity packs. Reduces tasks, improve productivity, and automate and accelerate processes. It can build workflows that extend outside ServiceNow environments for IT service and operations.

  • Workflow
  • Operations & Troubleshooting
  • Activity Dependency
  • Credentials & Connection
  • MID Servers

  • Discovery

    The MID Server application facilitates communication and movement of data between the platform and external applications, data sources, and services.

  • MID servers
  • ECC Queue
  • MySQL /Oracle/ SQL server
  • Database
  • LDAP configuration

  • Content Management system

    It provides platform to create number of CMS portals like.

  • Service Portal
  • UI pages
  • Homepage admin pages

  • Custom Integration

  • 3rd party integration
  • REST / SOAP integration

  • Performance analytics and Reporting

    Performance Analytics enables you to track, aggregate, and visualize key performance indicators over time, rather than reporting on a point in time.


    Team Development

    ServiceNow Case studies

    Case 1 - Importing unstructured CSV file in Service Now tables.

  • Problem
  • ServiceNow needs structured data in CSV files. Client has CSV files that are not structured. For example - first row contains the sentences, then table data. While importing such type of files in ServiceNow using "Transform Map" feature it first searches for header row and it fails to insert the table data as it does not find the header.

  • Solution
  • We have used "Scheduled Data Import" feature of ServiceNow. We have newly written "Scheduled Script" to read the actual text in the file and imported the data to proper ServiceNow tables.

  • Benefits
    1. The CSV need not be structured. It can have data anywhere in the file.
      Script reads the data and imports it into the corresponding tables correctly.
      The new script supports "comma" as well as "tab" delimited CSV files.
      Accurate reports are generated.

    Case 2 - Importing Multiple data files (.xls /.csv) in ServiceNow Tables simultaneously

  • Problem
  • In ServiceNow, when multiple files are attached to the Data Source and Scheduled Data Import is executed then there is a problem. The data from the first attached file is imported in the targeted table and other files are left untouched. These files are not considered while doing the data import. There are more files coming frequently through email and need to import in the tables.

  • Solution
  • In this case, we have used the Parent Data Source that can hold all the attachment and the number of child Data Sources that can actually hold the single attachment. Here, we have written a Scheduled Script that actually gets the attachments from Parent Data Source and attaches corresponding attachments to the Child Data Sources. Then, each Data Source has their Scheduled Import Set to import the data in the ServiceNow targeted tables.

  • Benefits
    1. Data is imported into correct tables.
      Accurate reports are generated
      Client can have more than one file as an email attachment.

    Case 3 - Extracting zip data files and send them as email attachments

  • Problem
  • Some report data is inserted to ServiceNow in ZIP files. These ZIPs contains files other than Excel and CSV to generate report. The files in ZIP are image files and client wants that files to be extracted from the ZIP and display to user in the UI of ServiceNow.

  • Solution
  • ServiceNow does not have inbuilt solution for extracting files other than Excel and CSV. It provides some script to extract files from the ZIP. It does not work for files other than Excel and CSV. So we have implemented java program on MID server and extracted data from the MID server. Whenever email with ZIP attachment is received in Service Cafe mailbox, it is processed and sent to MID server to extract the files. MID server program extracts the ZIP file and send back to service Cafe. We use these images in UI page to display reports.

  • Benefits
    1. Client can see required reports in ServiceNow

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