Product Development as a Service (PDaaS)


  • Product development and Testing
  • Product Enhancement and Support
  • MVP (minimum viable product) in 90 days

Many times Big firms have organization bureaucracy limiting them to develop and validate something quickly. At the same time SMEs are limited by team diversity or experience to quickly develop something despite a good idea.

Fidel works closely with big organizations as well as SMEs and offers a range of product engineering services including innovation, re-engineering, customization, optimization, and migration. We work with our customers to design and deliver intelligent products, resulting in optimized R&D investments.

The entire process involves -

  • Custom architecture development
  • Feature benchmarking
  • Proof of concept and Prototype development
  • End-to-end product development
  • Usability engineering
  • Multilingual support

One important area of product development is the emphasis on UI Design & UX Engineering.

We have worked with clients to design meaningful experiences with

  • UI Modernization - for upgrading legacy UI to meet changing demands of customers
  • Front end development - responsive front end design that can adapt to devices and user needs
  • Mobile UI development - for the mobile users with ease of use, intuitive UI and fast loading
  • Functionality and user testing - ensuring testing at each point in the iterative development
  • Rapid prototyping - for quickly developing and validating an idea into a product

The entire process is broken into steps of -

  • Identify - Identify and validate the end users, problem and project goal
  • Ideation - Organize and develop wireframes and prototypes
  • Design - Commit to validated ideas and concepts, tests with users
  • Validate - Validate and plan for the next iteration

Technologies used

Languages and Tools : HTML5, CSS, JS (AngularJS), nodeJS, mySql, Java, iOS, Android

Tools : GIT, JIRA, docker

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