Linguify (UI Localization Solution)

Linguify solution fits in the following cases

Software solution or product firms who want to go global. Companies who want to import software solutions from US or other foreign countries and then resell it in Japan or Asia with a local language UI. Companies who plan to go overseas in Asian countries and want to use their existing in-house software as it is All such use cases, need the UI localization in Japanese or Asian language. In most cases, this is a costly exercise, takes anywhere between 6 months to 1 year and involves huge internal resources and time. Linguify solution solves all these problems.

Linguify is a patented solution that can localize the UI of any website or enterprise software (desktop, client-server, cloud) in 6-8 weeks in any language without the need to modify the underlying source code or contents. The solution acts as a middleware and an external language skin on the UI. The translation itself is manual (and hence quality is maintained), Few key points:

  1. The solution is middleware and hence no change to the source code thereby no risk of code contamination.
  2. The solution is installed on client premises or client cloud and hence the client has full control as well as security is assured.
  3. The translation is manual and client team can review the correctness. Unlike Google translation which doesn’t take into consideration the context or domain terminology, human translation is accurate and takes all such factors as well as local nuances into consideration.
  4. The solution is technology agnostic and hence the underlying technology can be anything.
  5. In case of website translation, the ongoing change management is also supported through ancillary tools and utilities so the client can rely on timely updates.
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