Video Subtitling, Transcription & Annotation, Image Data Transcription

Video Subtitling

Video and speech are seen growing rapidly. With the OTT players like Amazon prime, Netflix growing rapidly, the need to add subtitles to videos is growing. Add to it, the growing online education sector and the need to localize the educational and training videos.

Fidel closely works with its clients on video subtitling and editing. It works right from the speech extraction, transcription, translation, time matching, subtitle addition and QA testing. Using its in-house proprietary solution, it can expedite the entire process and deliver high quality video subtitling in Indian, Asian, ASEAN & European languages.

Transcription and Annotation

Meeting minutes, seminars, vernacular data created for AI engines or chatbots all need to be transcribed and annotated. This annotated data is then made searchable and fed to various algorithms to extract business intelligence. Fidel has the experience of building teams for various Asian, Indian and ASEAN languages while following stringent norms and requirements for annotation. Fidel also has developed inhouse proprietary solution for the QA of the transcribed files and delivers high quality contents.

Image Data Transcription and Annotation

Autonomous cars need to identify objects in real-time and hence the AI engine of these cars need to be trained. Fidel works closely with its clients to transcribe and annotate traffic images, various image data in diverse set of languages. Fidel has pre-set regional teams to handle regional languages and can match the scale and tight timelines to deliver quality results.

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