Customized Software Development & Support

Customized Software Development & Support

Legacy application and modernization

Most organization continue to use legacy applications well beyond the shelf life of underlying technology. For eg. Fidel still has clients using VB 6.0 and continue to use it. The reason being, the solution still works, users are used to it, budgetary constraints to develop new solution and so on.

At the same time, much often clients face trouble or need support when there is no documentation of the software (or the documentation is very old) or the original developers or IT team is no longer. In such cases, if the solution breaks down, then there is no one to quickly fix it. In such cases, legacy application support or modernization is needed.

Fidel has worked with clients on such initiatives on various fronts

  • Fixing the issues and ensuring re-start of the broken application
  • Create a new set of environment and backup (to avoid a sudden breakdown of the existing application)
  • Reverse engineering and creating new set of documentation
  • Developing new UI and application while re-using data from the legacy application (including data migration)
  • Reverse engineering and then creating a new upgraded modern application

Fidel through its in-house team and the ecosystem of partners brings the diverse set of technologies to the table while it depends on the client team for business logic or domain experience.


Most of these engagements are T&M (time and material) base and Fidel uses an iterative approach to develop the application.

Technologies : VB, C, C++, PHP, Java, .NET

Database: Oracle, SqlServer, mySql, pSql

Tools : Eclipse, SVN

** For any proprietary software or specific requirements, please reach out to us.

Maintenance & Operations Support (including L1-L2 support)

Business continuity and operations is an important IT endeavor. In Japan around 70%+ of IT budgets are spent for existing operations and continuity. Fidel works with its clients to provide bilingual operational support and maintenance.
This includes basic L1 support and then L2 with finally escalations to client side L3 support. In some cases, as part of legacy application support, Fidel also provides the L3 support.

Technologies : PHP, .NET, Java, SqlServer, mySql, Oracle, python, angularJS, nodeJS

Bilingual Support :

For a particular Japanese client which distributes global software products in Japan, Fidel acts as a first level support to accept queries in Japan from local users and then summarize & translate the same to coordinate with the global software support teams. All responses (in English) from global support teams are again localized back in Japanese and sent to the users via the client team.

Batch monitoring and support :

For a financial data services provider, Fidel team provides batch process monitoring support daily from 15 hrs JST to 23 hrs JST. Fidel team remotely logs in the client server, ensures smooth running of the batch process by checking the logs and in case of issues, refers to the operation manuals and acts accordingly.

Local infrastructure & application support (weekly visit and on-call availability) :

For a global healing oil manufacturer firm, Fidel supports its local Japan office (30 people staff) by managing and supporting their local infrastructure (network, desktops, O365, ERP application) by visiting once per week and then being available on call. While communicating with the users and other partners, Japanese support is given and while escalations or communicating with the global IT, Fidel provides with the necessary English communication.

For past 15+ years, Fidel has been at the forefront of infrastructure and applications support through its Japan office. With an ecosystem of partners, Fidel can provide support not just in Tokyo but across different prefectures.

Product Development as a Service (PDaaS)


  • Product development and Testing
  • Product Enhancement and Support
  • MVP (minimum viable product) in 90 days

Many times Big firms have organization bureaucracy limiting them to develop and validate something quickly. At the same time SMEs are limited by team diversity or experience to quickly develop something despite a good idea.
Fidel works closely with big organizations as well as SMEs and offers a range of product engineering services including innovation, re-engineering, customization, optimization, and migration. We work with our customers to design and deliver intelligent products, resulting in optimized R&D investments.

The entire process involves –

  • Custom architecture development
  • Feature benchmarking
  • Proof of concept and Prototype development
  • End-to-end product development
  • Usability engineering
  • Multilingual support

One important area of product development is the emphasis on UI Design & UX Engineering.

We have worked with clients to design meaningful experiences with

  • UI Modernization – for upgrading legacy UI to meet changing demands of customers
  • Front end development – responsive front end design that can adapt to devices and user needs
  • Mobile UI development – for the mobile users with ease of use, intuitive UI and fast loading
  • Functionality and user testing – ensuring testing at each point in the iterative development
  • Rapid prototyping – for quickly developing and validating an idea into a product

The entire process is broken into steps of –

  • Identify – Identify and validate the end users, problem and project goal
  • Ideation – Organize and develop wireframes and prototypes
  • Design – Commit to validated ideas and concepts, tests with users
  • Validate – Validate and plan for the next iteration

Technologies used

Languages and Tools: HTML5, CSS, JS (AngularJS), nodeJS, mySql, Java, iOS, Android

Tools : GIT, JIRA, docker