Digital Transformation

Expedite your Company’s Journey to a Complete Digital Transformation!

Digital transformation is applying and adapting to a lot of quick-paced, and continually evolving technologies and approaches to expedite, and enhance business operations. It involves leveraging technologies, processes, platforms, and people to make better use of business data, help business owners improve business efficiency, and enable them to make informed decisions through the improved market and industry projections, and productive consumer interactions. Fidel is one of the leading digital transformation companies in Japan. With Fidel, you accelerate your journey towards digital transformation.

We offer the best digital transformation services to help you optimize its benefits through the best digital transformation practices, strategies, and by helping you the induce the right set of new technologies and migrate your legacy applications to enable you to make the most out of them. We are an end-to-end digital transformation company that aims at simplifying digital transformation, adapting to the changing business environment, developing futuristic technologies and products that help you revolutionize your market, and modernizing your existing business processes and applications. Our business-specific digital transformation solutions aim at helping you grow your business and outperforming your competitors.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions and Services

Digital Transformation Consulting and Strategy

Digital Transformation Consulting and Strategy:

We amass years of qualitative and quantitative experience of working as the digital transformation partner for a wide range of companies. These factors continue to augment our expertise in digital transformation and help us figure out what will work and what will not for our clients. Our digital transformation consulting and strategy helps our clients identify and leverage the necessary digital transformation elements for their business, and thus achieve the most out of them.

Digital Insights Services

Digital Insights Services:

One of the primary objectives of digital transformation is to be able to gain vital digital insights that aid informed business decision-making. At Fidel, our digital insights services and solutions help you get near real-time accurate business insights, make informed decisions, and develop smart, sustainable, and innovative solutions to various business concerns.

Digitally-Driven Products and Applications

Digitally-Driven Products and Applications:

We strategize, design, develop and implement robust, scalable, reliable, and economical digital applications that deliver excellent user experience, and efficiency. Our products incorporate the latest technologies and capabilities, including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Business Intelligence capabilities. The products we develop aim at providing business-specific and sustainable solutions for a lot of business challenges.

Modernizing Legacy Applications

Modernizing Legacy Applications:

We modernize legacy applications to help you eliminate redundancies of age-old business processes, applications, and workflows. The modernization practices, processes, methodologies, and security measures we follow, ensure comprehensive migration from legacy systems to modern applications, aligned with the new business demands, and user expectations.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing constitutes an essential aspect of our digital transformation services and solutions. We help companies migrate to various cloud platforms, including GCP, AWS, etc. Our cloud computing experts ensure a seamless, comprehensive, secure, organized, and cost-effective migration to cloud platforms. Our cloud computing services help you stay competitive and benefit from the various cloud computing benefits aimed at sustainable business growth.

Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions:

Automation is another significant factor involved in the process of achieving digital transformation. Our customized automation solutions aim at automating repetitive business operations, and processes. The free business owners and their resources from the operational management of these tasks, and thus have more time and energy to think about the strategic aspect of their business. Our automation solutions include creating intelligent Chatbots, automating customer service responses, automation software for the banking industry, eCommerce companies, etc.

Fidel has a ready team with following technology skillsets to support you:

OS technology, Fidel


Linux, MS Win Server



Java, .NET, PHP, Python, nodeJS, reactJS

Cloud technology, Fidel


AWS, Azure, AWS Lambda

Virtualization, Fidel


VMWare, Citrix, SCCM

Tools, Fidel



UI-UX, Fidel


HTML5, JS (angularJS), Marvel (prototyping tool)

CI / CD, Fidel


Linux, MS Win Server



ZohoCRM, ServiceNow

Why Choose Fidel for Digital Transformation in Japan?

Here are some reasons why you must choose us as your partner in the journey of digital transformation.

Range of Digital Transformation Services:

We offer end-to-end- digital transformation solutions and services to ensure a seamless transition to digital transformation, and to help, you achieve your short-term and long-term business objectives.

Expert Digital Transformation:

Our digital transformation team comprises experts across various areas of technology, including AI, BI, data analytics, automation, IoT, Big Data, etc. We assign project managers for every project who manages the entire project and work as a single point of contact throughout.

Digital Transformation Consulting and Strategizing:

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with Fidel is that you get to identify the best way to digital transformation, and also develop the right approach, strategy, and practices to ensure quicker and a more successful journey to transformation. Our consultants and strategists are experienced tech professionals with a techno-strategic understanding of a wide range of businesses.

Organized Digital Transformation Process:

As a complex process, and a lengthy process, we ensure that you transform your business into a digital enterprise in an organized, and steady way.

Next-Gen Digital Solutions:

We develop futuristic digital solutions that enable you a competitive edge, and stay a step ahead of the competition. Our digital solutions embed modern capabilities that simplify business, decision-making, and strategy.

Connect with Fidel at 03-6261-3309, or write an email at, if you are looking forward to partnering with one of the best digital transformation companies in Japan.