.NET Development Services

.NET Development Services, Support and Resources

Microsoft ASP.NET is one of the leading software frameworks than runs on Microsoft Windows. It serves as a robust platform that helps you develop a range of simple as well as complex web applications.
.NET’s capabilities and functionalities help you leverage it to develop web applications for a broad array of industries and business domains. Besides, it is a cloud-ready platform and enjoys widespread support from the Microsoft ecosystem.

.NET Application Development Services

With FidelTech, you get access to a broad range of .NET application development services. We leverage .NET’s capabilities, features, functionalities, along with its powerful programming model, and extensive API set to deliver business solutions in the form of efficient, and robust web applications.
Regardless of whether it is desktops, smart phones, or public and private cloud, our proven experience enables us to develop the most relevant, sustainable, and customized solutions for your business. Here’s everything you get while you partner with us for DotNet application development solutions.

1. .NET Desktop Application Development Services and Solutions

We employ a team of certified .NET developers that are experienced in developing Windows GUI applications, and Windows Console applications. Besides, we also have the expertise that enables us to develop Windows Smart Client apps with the help of Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Store Apps for Windows 8.

.NET Desktop Application Development Services and Solutions

2. ASP .NET Development Services and Solutions

We boast about ever-evolving expertise in delivering ASP.NET development services and solutions to our diverse range of clientele. It enables us to create a large-scale ASP.NET web application and highly efficient ASP.NET websites. Our ASP.NET solutions integrate the ASP.NET elements such as ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET 4.5, and ASP.NET Core.

2. ASP .NET Development Services and Solutions

3. Silverlight Development Services and Solutions

We also provide Silverlight development services and solutions. We use Microsoft Silverlight to facilitate the development of highly interactive user experiences over mobile and web devices. Our proficiency over Microsoft Silverlight-based applications gives us the upper hand over our counterparts and also helps our clients leverage the advantages of Silverlight applications.

Silverlight Development Services and Solutions

4. Windows Azure Development Services and Solutions

Over the years, we’ve developed comprehensive expertise in Windows Azure development. Our Windows Azure experts amass extensive experience in multiple areas, including Windows Azure Cloud App Development, Azure websites, data storage applications, Windows Azure Migration, mobile services, cloud services, and many others. These factors make us a comprehensive Windows Azure Development partner for our clients spread across the globe.

Windows Azure Development Services and Solutions

5. Customization of .NET Products

We also engage in customizing, extending, and integrating .NET-based products. We boast about an extensive experience in developing a diverse range of solutions, including the following.

  • NetSuite Development
  • DotNetNuke Development
  • Umbraco Development
  • Dynamics RMS Development
  • Dynamics CRM Development
  • SharePoint Development
  • SiteCore Development and many others.
Customization of .NET Products

Get the Best .NET Applications with FidelTech

We’ve got the necessary technological resources, along with the experiences to develop reliable, scalable, and fast .NET based mobile, web, Big Data, IoT, and AI applications. Our .NET application developers are well-equipped with the knowledge and the agility to develop engaging, and interactive JavaScript SPA user experience, coupled with simplified integration through an ESB. Here’s the list of applications we can develop for you.

1. Mobile Applications

With us, you enjoy excellent quality, and seamless mobile apps, coupled with a very high-quality UX factor developed with Xamarin.Forms tools and libraries. The mobile apps we develop run natively on every platform, including iOS, Windows, or Android. Besides, they easily synchronize with a range of wearable technologies and ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

2. Web Applications

We develop a multitude of cross-platform, high-performance, cross-platform, and cloud-ready JavaScript/ HTML5 and ASP.NET Core based web applications. Our web applications are thoroughly tested, and easily deployable, thus ensuring optimal efficiency, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

3. Back End Mobile Applications

While the front end proves instrumental in building the identity and popularity of a mobile application, it is the robust back end that runs behind the scenes to make everything possible.
At FidelTech, we develop mobile applications with a highly efficient .NET back end that ensures a fast, secure, scalable, and seamless working of your application.
Besides, the apps with the .NET back end that we build ensure sustainability and smooth integration with third-party elements such as web apps, etc.
Apart from that, we leverage Azure Mobile Services to facilitate fast and adequate cloud storage, along with an in-built authentication to Twitter, Microsoft, and Google.

4. Big Data Applications

We also develop .NET Big Data solutions. Our .NET Big Data solutions empower you with the capability to make informed decisions. We help you leverage the power of Big Data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop and enable you to make full use of the Big Data technology for the benefits of your business.

5. AI Applications

Give your business s a new perspective, and augment your business processes with Artificial Intelligence features such as speech recognition, image-processing, sentiment analysis, brand representation, intelligent search, and many others. Explore endless AI possibilities with Cognitive Services and modern-day technologies such as Azure Machine Learning.


Our technological understanding, application proficiency help you expose internal information and functionality to external systems with ASP.NET Web APIs.

Our .NET Application Development Expertise

Our .NET programmers at FidelTech facilitate a range of services. It includes the consultancy, development, maintenance, and the support of the following.

Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft BizTalk SharePoint
Umbraco Crystal Reports Microsoft SQL Server
Sitefinity Infragistics DevExpress
Windows Phone Nevron SharePoint
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft BizTalk DotNetNuke
NopCommerce Microsoft ASP.NET Telerik
ASP.NET Core ASP.NET MVC Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our .NET Development Work Process

We follow a focused, organized, and result-oriented .NET application development process. Through our proven practices and systematic workflows, we develop efficient applications and complete our projects on time. Our project comprises five stages that help us give equal justice to every stage, thereby amplifying the application’s efficiency, and achieving the project’s objectives.
.NET Development Work Process

Get the Best .NET Application Architecture

We help you select the right and most sustainable architecture for your .NET application. We do so after careful consideration of your business requirements, and .NET application needs.
.NET Application Architecture

Hire the Best .NET Developers, Engineers, or Team for Japan

FidelTech proves a prudent and sustainable .NET application development partner. We work as the external .NET development team for a lot of our clients. In other words, you can outsource your .NET development to us and focus on your core business.
How? Well, we’ve got a team of certified .NET developers, business analysts, QA engineers, testers, team leaders, architects, and project managers. Our proven processes, practices, and methodologies enable us to develop impeccable .NET applications and help you unlock the secret to a reduced go-to-market time. Thus, partnering with us proves beneficial for you in every respect.
Our resources work as a team that works relentlessly towards the development of the application and completion of the project on or before the stipulated time. We assign a project manager for your project who works as a single point of contact, and also shares regular updates about the development of the project with you.

Why Choose FidelTech for DotNet Application Development Services?

Here are some of the prominent reasons that indicate our prominence in the DotNet application development market, and also why you must choose us as your .NET application development outsourcing partner.

  • Extensive and End-to-end .NET application development services and project management.
  • A full Cycle development process.
  • Application of comprehensive and the latest testing technologies and procedures.
  • Capability to seamlessly incorporate middle-project changes.
  • Reduced Go-To-Market time.
  • Multilingual, prompt, and accurate technical support for nationwide and global operations.
  • Flexible engagement model to ensure top quality .NET development within the budget.
  • Cost-effective and customized .NET application development packages.
  • An experienced and versatile .NET development team.
  • Scalable turnkey solutions.

Business applications are crucial to your business. They drive your business to a large extent. Hence, you must choose the right .NET application development company. As one of the leading .NET development companies, we develop robust DotNet applications to help you leverage technology to achieve your business objectives.
Our experts are here to help you! So, connect with our .NET development and project management team at salesfidel@fideltech.com or call 03-6261-3309, and discuss your application development needs. Get your customized .NET development package with us today!