In-house Vs. Outsourcing SAP Support – What is Best for You?

In-house Vs. Outsourcing SAP Support – What is Best for You?

SAP support, the related costs, and complexities often put business owners in a dilemma, whether to go for in-house SAP support or outsource it. To make an informed choice, you must carefully consider the pros and cons of each of these options, their relevance in your context, and then arrive at a conclusion. So, whether in-house or outsourced, which kind of SAP support is the best for you? Here’s a blog that helps you figure out an answer to this question.

6 Factors determining your Choice whether to Insource or Outsource SAP Support

The following assesses both the options on the technical and commercial front. Ensure that you keep the following six things mind while deciding whether to build in-house support or outsource it.

1. Building SAP Support Infrastructure

If you choose to insource SAP support, you have to build the necessary SAP support infrastructure, hire people, and then get them to work on SAP, all of which demands investment on the cost and time front.
Outsourcing, on the other hand, doesn’t require to work on any of these factors, apart from finding appropriate external SAP support and paying the outsourcing fee. You don’t have to invest in hiring and nurturing full-time employees, nor do you have to spend money on building an in-house SAP support system. Outsourcing saves money and effort. Hence, it proves a better and smarter alternative.

2. Explaining Business Processes

An in-house team, as it will be well-versed with your SAP system, will be more aligned with your SAP support requirements, workflows, and objectives than an external one. However, considering the other benefits that outsourcing brings, some efforts on explaining things to the outsourced team can prove beneficial in the long run.

3. Training the SAP Team

Training is another considerable investment in regards to beginning in-house SAP support operations. Here, working with an external SAP support team proves advantageous as the team members, with the experience they have, are trained on the essential aspects of SAP support. The team is aware of several instances, incident responses, and knows how to tackle the various intricacies involved in SAP support.

4. Access to Capabilities and Skills

With insourcing, you may get an exclusive SAP support taskforce. But often, this approach restricts your access to diverse capabilities and skills that an experienced SAP professional has in handling various situations. Outsourcing proves helpful in this regard. It opens access to an extensive set of versatile resources, with loads of experience, expertise, and the skills to handle critical situations.

Another good thing with outsourcing is, you don’t have to pay anything extra to leverage experience resources for your project. This isn’t necessarily the case while hiring in-house SAP support specialists, wherein, the most experienced, and expert resources agree to come at higher costs.

5. Continual Support, Knowledge, and Technology Upgrades

In in-house SAP support set up, the onus to upgrade the staff’s knowledge, and upgrading technology, etc. is on you. And, dealing with these elements could prove quite cumbersome given your share of core responsibilities that you’ve got to fulfill.

But outsourcing the task relieves you from this responsibility. Here, it is the provider’s duty to upgrade the skills of the support team, install the latest support patches, and execute tech upgrades as and when necessary to ensure seamless, consistent, and competent SAP support throughout.

Besides, the sudden resignation of any of your in-house staff members, with only a notice period for you to cope up with it, may affect the support operations. If you get a replacement, good. If not, it may increase the workload and hamper work. But, with an outsourcing setup, you don’t have to worry about resources. The service provider is committed to ensuring continual operations at all times, regardless of the challenges he may have at his end.

6. Range of SAP Support Services

An in-house setup may confine your range of SAP support services, thereby requiring you to refer to an external team for an advanced issue. With an outsourcing setup, the provider’s expertise and tech access prove advantageous, as the service proposal includes every necessary service. In fact, when you set out to choose one, make sure the vendor offers a comprehensive range of SAP support services.

By now, you must have understood that outsourcing SAP support, especially for larger operations, wherein the resource requirement is vast, proves beneficial than insourcing it. You may consider in-house services for a small SAP support setup, although yes, you can still outsource it to free yourself from the operational aspects of the task and focus on your core business.

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