ServiceNow Resources for Japan

For all clients, who are already using ServiceNow or who have decided to use ServiceNow, Fidel offers following services –

  • Administration and Configuration
  • Support & Ongoing maintenance
  • New customization, integration and development

Fidel has a dedicated team of highly trained, experienced ServiceNow professional supporting our clients.

Challenges in Hiring ServiceNow Support Team

Talking to clients, Fidel sees that many clients have similar issues or requirements like as follows:

1. Majority of ServiceNow clients face resource or expertise crunch.

ServiceNow professional services fees are costly and the professionals are in shortage. Hence while there are requirements, it takes weeks and months to find the right partner, check their consultant availability and then implement.

2. Lack of domain expertise

The customers come from different domains and have unique requirements. Many big consulting firms claim that they have domain consultants and expertise. But the fact is that the retail or insurance in Japan is different than that in US and on top of that each company has different internal process.

3. Configuration, Fine-Tuning and Ongoing Support

In some cases, the clients have already started using ServiceNow but unable to maximize the usage or align it to the internal process. This is not a new development project but there is an ongoing support requirement. Since this is not a new development, not many vendors are not interested to support.

4. Migration from legacy to ServiceNow

Many clients are also considering moving from legacy software for workflow or incident management and ServiceNow is a very good cloud based alternative. In such cases, moving on to ServiceNow with minimum disruption, migrating the entire data and then training to users all is required.

Fidel works with clients on all such requirements and supports them on various fronts.

  • Fidel understands that each client has unique requirements and that they know their business or domain best. Fidel brings it’s ServiceNow expertise and helps customers leverage the power of ServiceNow.
  • Fidel provides administration and configuration or support services where Fidel’s team works to fine tune existing configuration and maintains existing instances. This could be on a per month few hours basis.
  • In case of any modifications or new requirements, Fidel understands the gaps through analysis and aligns as close as to the business process using customization.
  • Fidel has good understanding of APIs, reverse engineering and legacy application modernization experience. Using a mix of ServiceNow professionals and legacy application modernization team, Fidel can work with the client to migrate from existing legacy application to ServiceNow and take ownership including training of users.

Engagement Models

Fidel works on a Time and Material (T&M) basis engagement model with the client. In this, its team work from

  • Onsite (at client site) in Japan
  • Offsite or Remote support (from offshore)

Fidel team can also arrange for a bilingual (Japanese & English) interface thereby no additional language effort on the client side.

ServiceNow Modules and Support

Fidel has experience of working on –

IT Operations Management (ITOM visibility – Health & Optimization)

  • MID Server
  • Credentials & connection information module

IT Business management (Application portfolio management)

  • Project portfolio management
  • Time card management

HR Module

  • Case and Knowledge management
  • Employee service Center
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transition
  • Employee Document management

IT Services management

Service Level Management

Prioritize tasks, Check status, re-assign ownership & escalate issues when needed

Change management

  • Control IT change process to minimize the risks and costs
  • Automate the planning and scheduling of CAB meetings

Incident / Problem management

Restore service investigating root cause of an incident or escalating it to quickly resolve critical service disruptions

Request and Service Catalogue Management

  • Enable self-help, request items or services and collaborate
  • Give end users a omni-channel way to interact with IT and other shared services groups

Knowledge management

Capture and package knowledge from across the organization and make it readily available