OMS (Order Management System)

OMS (Order Management System) is a solution developed for equity trading SME firms. This is developed by Fidel’s Indian partner firm with expertise in FIX connectivity. This is deployed in Nigeria and used by local brokers connecting to the Nigerian exchange.


Features of the OMS are

  • Exchange connectivity (At this stage Nigerian Stock exchange which is based on NASDAQ OMX X-Stream Platform on FIX Protocol (5.0)
  • Real time Market data feed
  • In build Risk Management and compliance System
  • Manage Order & Trade Flow
  • APIs to integrate with Back Office Systems and Databases.
  • One way trade support
  • Admin interface to manage users account, Roles and responsibilities, FIX Connectivity and database connectivity.
  • Support for Cash Equity & Bond Asset Classes
  • Brief Reporting

Main components or parts of this solution are


OMS is the main component of the solution and is workflow driven capable to handle high volume and full coverage for trades. It integrates with EMS, market data feed, risk management and compliance modules alongwith bi-directional messages between broker and execution venues.

Market Data

This component integrates market data, news and reference data and makes it available to other trading solution components like OMS, EMS and risk management

Exchange connectivity

This component provides direct connectivity to exchange gateway (currently on FIX API). This component enables OMS to connect to exchange gateway seamlessly and securely and manages all exchange events in sync with broker and trader activities.


EMS component is built around workflow of the trader. It has easy to use user interface to place orders, monitor activities, trades and positions.

Risk management and compliance

There is an in-built risk management integrated with the OMS and EMS to monitor trader activity. It has various measures from basic to advanced and can be enhanced as per the requirement. This does not break workflows and does not add any delays.
The OMS is available with the complete source code or shared intellectual property basis or as a license. It is customizable and suits corporates who want to customize and integrate with their internal platforms.


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