PHP Development Services

PHP Development Services

LAMP, as we all know, stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is an open-source platform that works on the Linux OS. LAMP uses Apache web server, MySQL Relational Database Management System (RDMS), and the PHP object-oriented scripting language.
The platform derives its name from its four layers that make it the LAMP stack. LAMP is easy to code with PHP, ubiquitous, inexpensive, and secure on Linux OS. It can produce dynamic web pages that run the PHP code and load data from a MySQL database.
Speaking of PHP, it is a free and open-source technology that helps develop rich and variant web applications. PHP is a server-side scripting language. It has several capabilities that foster the development of complex and efficient web applications possible.

Why is PHP the Ideal Choice for Diverse Business Applications?

PHP, over years of development, and technological upgrades, has transformed into an ideal choice for a range of business applications. There are several reasons that constitute its reputation in the market. Take a look at the reasons that make PHP the best choice for business applications.

  • Quick Data Processing
  • Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free Functioning
  • Offers a Feature-Rich and Practically Useful Website
  • Compatibility with all the Operating Systems
  • Hassle-Free Integration with Major Web Applications
  • Secure and Stable Interface
  • AJAX and Flash Integration

PHP Development Services and Solutions

At FidelTech, we are thorough PHP development experts. We offer a range of PHP development services, including custom PHP application development, custom PHP product development, and several others based on your needs. We are end-to-end PHP development project experts that have the necessary resources and customer-oriented approach. Our experts assist you throughout the project, and after the development of the product through PHP application maintenance and support.

1. Custom PHP Web Application Development Services and Solutions

We understand the significance of custom PHP web applications and resonate with the diverse technology needs of various businesses. In this view, and to help you achieve the desired results, we offer custom PHP web application development services and solutions.

Our PHP programmers possess extensive experience in developing multi-user, robust, highly secure, and efficient PHP web applications. Our developers have worked on multiple PHP versions, such as 4.x to 5.x. They possess diverse experience in database layer development with a range of technologies, including MySQL, FileMaker, SQL Server, and Postgre – SQL to develop 2-tier and 3-tier web applications.

Besides, our success, experience, and expertise in developing internet applications with PHP with the help of JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, MooTools, and Node.JS indicate our versatility and capabilities on the market. Over the years, we’ve built PHP-based Content Management Systems, e-learning software products, and a lot of other custom PHP-based applications.

Custom PHP Web Application Development Services

2. PHP Integration with Flash/ Flex

Our experienced and certified PHP developers integrate Flash/Flex user interface client layer with PHP and develop PHP applications. These capabilities enable us to develop quicker applications with distributed processing. This is one of the many factors that constitute the reason why we are one of the most preferred PHP developers around the world.

PHP Integration with Flash/ Flex

3. Integration of Payment Gateways in PHP Websites

Our expertise and experience keep continually evolving. We also help our clients with the integration of various payment gateways in PHP websites. It includes the following.

  • Sage Payment Gateway Integration in PHP Websites
  • PayPal Payment Gateway Integration in PHP Websites
  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in PHP Websites
Integration of Payment Gateways in PHP Websites

4. PHP eCommerce Development

Our diverse portfolio of PHP development services and solutions also includes developing PHP eCommerce websites and cart development. The PHP eCommerce websites we design are highly secure, quick, interactive, and highly engaging. They help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors and outperform them in terms of the user experience you offer to your prospects and users.

PHP eCommerce Development

5. Customized CMS and Framework Development

At FidelTech, you get access to a team of certified and experienced PHP developers. Our PHP development team has the necessary experience, and practical technological application expertise required for custom CMS development and framework based on the MVC architecture.

Customized CMS and Framework Development

6. PHP Reporting Development

With us, you can generate a range of PHP reports in multiple formats, including RTF, Excel, HTML, PDF and XML. We use exclusive reporting tools such as Jasper Reports to ensure optimal efficiency on the reporting front for all the reporting projects we continue to work on.

PHP Reporting Development

7. Open-Source CMS and Component Development

Our PHP professionals at FidelTech work on customizing open-source CMS systems and Frameworks. We’ve worked with a range of systems such as Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, Social Engine, Moodle, Clipshare, Dolphin, and many others. We have built components and add-ons to the current modules for proprietary use as well as for that of the open-source communities.

Open-Source CMS and Component Development

8. Quality Assurance and Testing

We are a comprehensive PHP application development company, and hence, don’t limit our services and solutions to application development. We consider testing and quality assurance as two other significant elements of every PHP-based product. So, we offer both these services to deliver an optimally efficient PHP-based application for your business.

Our PHP developers, QA engineers, and testing professionals run the application through multiple layers of quality assurance and testing checks. We employ the latest quality measures and testing procedures and technologies to ensure a flawless and efficient PHP-based application for your business.

Quality Assurance and Testing

9. PHP Application Development Support and Maintenance

PHP application development support and maintenance constitute an essential part of our end-to-end PHP project management. We work as the onsite and remote PHP support and maintenance partners for a lot of companies around the world. Our prompt, accurate, and multilingual PHP support and maintenance ensures operational efficiency and optimal results at all times.

PHP Application Development Support and Maintenance

Our PHP Development Framework Strength

One of the many factors that have helped us become the leading PHP developers across the globe is our evolving PHP framework strength. We use a number of PHP frameworks to develop applications that serve your business needs, and offer value for the money you invest in technology. Here are some of the PHP frameworks we use, and that ultimately works to the advantage of your business.


Team of PHP Developers

Our expertise extends to a range of industries and businesses of varying sizes across the globe. We’ve successfully delivered a number of end-to-end PHP development projects for a lot of industries, and developed sustainable customized PHP applications for them. We can also provide bilingual (English-Japanese) skilled PHP developers for your projects in Japan. Some of the applications include

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analysis Suites
  • Incentive Management
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Social Networking, and Social Commerce
  • News Feed Management
  • Editorial Tools
  • E-Learning Portals
  • Corporate Websites
  • HR Portals
  • Finance Portals
  • Employee Portals
  • Customer Portals
  • Vendor Portals
  • Secure Payment and a lot of others

Why Choose FidelTech as your PHP Development Partner?

Of course, everything boils down to the benefits of hiring us as your PHP development company. So, here are some reasons why we are one of the best PHP development companies around, and why you must choose us as your external PHP development team.

Technical Capabilities:

Our proficiency on PHP 7, jQuery, MySQL, MongoDB, and a host of other technologies gives us the upper hand, and gives you the competitive advantage of partnering with a comprehensive PHP application development provider. Our expertise helps us handle the most complex of projects with relative ease.

Team of Seasoned PHP Resources:

When it comes to PHP resources, in the form of PHP developers, PHP consultants, PHP analysts, business analysts, software testers, QA engineers, and PHP project managers, FidelTech stays ahead of everyone! We employ a pool of talented, experienced, and certified PHP professionals to ensure timely completion of the project and a flawless product.

Customized Solutions:

A solution proves useful only when it meets the needs of the customers, and brings them the right results. At FidelTech, we understand this. We deliver customized solutions that we develop exclusively for your business, and to address your needs. It helps us deliver exactly what you want, and let you enjoy the expected results that follow thereafter.

Coding Excellence:

Our PHP programmers aren’t only coders, but project experts that go that extra mile to create requirement-specific codes, and ensure timely completion of the project, regardless of the complexities involved.

Cost-Effective PHP Development Packages:

We offer custom and cost-effective PHP development packages that enable us to serve companies of different sizes, right from global enterprises to small and medium-sized companies from various business domains. However, we ensure that we don’t compromise on the quality aspect of the product in any case.

Seamless Project Communication:

Our project managers lead the project in a comprehensive manner, and keep you abreast of all the developments across each of its phases. They work as a single point of contact, thereby increasing the pace of communication, along with uniformity of the quality of interaction between you and us.

Continually Upgrading Technology Stack:

We keep upgrading and expanding our technology stacks by onboarding new technologies. Our expertise across various technologies helps us choose the most relevant one for your project, and optimize its application to ensure a top-quality PHP application for your business.

Multilingual PHP Technical Support:

We take offshore PHP technical support to the next level by offering a multilingual support for our clients spread across the globe. If you too have associate offices across various locations in the world, our multilingual PHP technical support facilitates a truly personalized support experience for your employees, and users. This, coupled with the technical accuracy that we offer, makes the best remote PHP technical support company.

So, if you are looking forward to partnering with an external PHP development team, write in to us at or call to 03-6261-3309 Our experts will be happy to discuss your project needs, and we will love to associate with your company as your offshore PHP development experts.